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Letters to the Editor
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The letters of your Aug. 10 issue were insulting to those of a different opinion, in this case Elizabeth Arata Faris (Aug. 3). It is one thing to question another writer’s views, but quite another to write in such an unpleasant manner.

I have noticed a growing trend for the Letters columns in both the Savannah papers which I read to attack the writer as well as what they wrote. It seems to me that this is done to embarrass the writer, who usually has a liberal viewpoint, so that they will not write anymore.

By contrast, the Atlanta daily edits out such personal exchanges, and simply gives the writers’ viewpoint. This makes for much shorter and more readable columns.

No one should be attacked in this manner simply because they wrote a letter to the editor, nor do I as a reader wish to read it.

But I got my daily laugh, however unintended, from the big bold former serviceman (“Intruder”) who went on and on about courage -- but did not have the guts to sign his name!

Many papers do not publish anonymous letters, and I think that it is a good idea also. I heartily recommend it to you in the future, to spare us from this kind of excess.

Incidentally, I am the wife of a retired serviceman and have the greatest respect for our military personnel and their families. I believe Sgt. Benderman has chosen a far more difficult path than simply waiting out his current enlistment and then getting out, and I am sure he did not make his decision as lightly as your letter writers would imply.

My sympathy is also for his wife at this difficult time.

Margaret W. DeBolt



Very informative cover story by Jack Star about the use of solar energy (“Building Solar”) and SCAD Dean of Communications Bruce Chong’s letter to the editor regarding the expansion of SCAD.

That is where the accolades stop.

I don’t think all people share Kelly Newberry’s opinion of Elizabeth Faris’s letter (Aug. 3)

With regard to the five columns allowed “Intruder” to vent his frustration at his business associate’s complaint about how he is inconvenienced by the war in Iraq, was a bit too much rhetoric for me. (I thought all Letters to The Editor had to be signed or the newspaper would not print it.)

Oh well, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander:

‘The Char Lady of Literature’

Editor’s Note: But ladies, if we had declined to publish “Intruder’s” letter, all of us might then have been deprived of your own letters in response! In the interest of promoting dialogue, we generally prefer to err on the side of publication rather than non-publication. We understand not all newspapers do it that way, but then again we’re not exactly like all the other newspapers.



After walking around town today I saw several places with graffiti on the walls. I would just like to ask the person[s] doing this:

Why? Are you really that bored or just that stupid? This kind of act to public property is a huge display of ignorance! Do you really think we want to see this garbage everywhere?

It is not even creative nor is it an art form! How low does your self-esteem have to be to create your own billboards everywhere? Your attempts would be laughable except for the unattractiveness of it and the taxpayers’ money being spent on cleaning it up.

I suggest if you think you’re that talented, put your graffiti in a sketchbook and send it to an art school.

I have probably already given you more credit and attention than you deserve; so in closing please stop vandalizing the city of Savannah and get a life!

Joel Ring



I am asking everyone in the United States to please stay away from the gas pumps on Sept. 30, 2005. It’s an attempt to lower the gas prices. This is out of hand.

And who are they to control these unbelievably high prices? So let’s together take control of this issue. If our wallets have to feel the void, well then let’s let them feel it as well.

And if this doesn’t work then we will do it again. Until they lower these prices.

Bobby Edwards