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Letters to the Editor
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'Disappointed' in article on Israeli/Palestinian issue


This letter refers to the article entitled "Abrahamís Children Too"in the February 16 issue of this publication.

In that regard, I want to commend Paul Hackner for his comments in the letters to the editor in the March 2 issue. They were cogent and incisive in a positive manner. I commend this publication also for its willingness to acknowledge its errors with corrections.

I regularly read and listen to the opinions of people or publications with whom I know I will disagree. I respect their rights to their opinions and their rights to express them so long as they are not sufficiently inflammatory to cause harm to others.

When I began reading the article, I anticipated that the subject of the Israel-Palestine conflict would be comprehensive and balanced so that all points of view of the dangerous and controversial situation in the area would be covered especially in the interview format.

However, I am disappointed, to put it politely, that Mr. Reed, the International Solidarity Movement Freedom Marcher, was not asked by this publicationís reporter about the suicide murderers from Palestinian homes who murder noncombatants in the Israeli population commercial areas in the name of some deity that presumably rewards these self destructive young people with a glorious life after death. (As we also know the Syrians reward their families with substantial sums of money.)

Likewise there was no mention of the vast number of citizens living in the territory controlled by the Palestine leaders who are uneducated and hopelessly poor. I am certain your readers would have found Mr. Reedís responses to questions on those issues interesting.

Fred S. Clark


'Just venting' about schools


I lived in Savannah for four, miserable years. The Teenage Years. But hey, you grow up and you persevere. Get accepted into college and everything becomes gravy... a cakewalk.

But then you forget, that you're in Savannah, where all the schools suck. And Iím not strictly talking about academics, Iím talking about administrators.

I'm a 3.89 GPA student at a local private university. Started a media club. Sat on the advisory board of my department. Well-known and well-loved by peers as someone who would try to help in a crunch... study with, talk with.

But a lab class landed me with a balance. $532.85. Couldn't attend. And all of a sudden, Ms. Afterschool Tutor, Ms. Help-the-Dean-Out-With-a-Program, Ms. 3.89 F**king GPA can't use the computers in the lab.

No one cares that I am working 45 hours a week at a restaurant to pay the tab, no. In an empty computer lab I am told by the security guard "these computers are for students only."

Well, maybe $17,850 doesn't give you unlimited privileges at the lab. But maybe it should.

I hate Savannah schools.