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Letters to the Editor
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I read Jim Morekis’ anger-filled column in Connect Savannah (“Have they no sense of decency?”) and was completely unsurprised. Marxist Liberalism loves the idea of a public discourse on any subject as long as only the Marxists are allowed to speak.

We all know that the Democrats want the war in Iraq to fail just so they can blame Bush. The cartoon that so infuriated Jim was obviously evil and horrible because it accurately portrayed the Democrat plan for Iraq including providing comfort and support to the enemy.

In case anyone forgot, the northern Vietnam general admitted that the press in the United States gave them comfort and inspired the Vietcong to fight on against American soldiers. And back then the Marxist Liberal press didn’t have to pretend to care about American soldiers, either.

Jim’s rant quickly left the presumed topic of discussion to hit on his true target, anyone who disagrees with the talking points provided to him by moveon.marx or Howard Dean (the head of the DNC and a person that seems to think hiring black people is a bad idea).

He attacks the editorial page of the Savannah Morning News because people write to it assuming there will be a fair political discourse (including non-Marxists), Ben Bennett who obviously does not suffer from “White Guilt” and, of course the President for not invading Louisianna and doing the Liberal Marxist Mayor and Governor’s job for them.

I am here to appologize to Jim on behalf of the majority of Americans (the non-Marxists) who dare to think for themselves and not think how he wants them to think.

We are evil, bad people who look at facts and think the President is doing much better than an impeached loser who bombed an aspirin factory while giving dictation to an intern hiding under his desk.

By the way, tons of yellow cake plutonium were found in Iraq, as well as missiles that had a nerve agent in them. Yep, weapons of mass destruction.

I’m sorry facts get in the way of your opinion, Jim, and that we keep being stubborn and thinking for ourselves.

We’ll try and listen only to you next time.

Kevin B. Warner