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Letters to the Editor
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At some point we all have to recognize that this administration has had their own agenda from the beginning, not an agenda for America. Every one of the president’s closest advisors from Ken Lay to Tom Delay to Bill Frist to Karl Rove, just to name a few, are embroiled in controversy.

Is this a sign? Yes, it’s a sign of the incompetency of this president and his administration.

Whether we start with the strings being pulled in the 2000 election, the “phantom WMD” war in Iraq, the inadequate response to Katrina, the spiraling deficit, or the out of control oil prices, we have to recognize the failures of this president and his administration.

Folks, it’s time the buck stops at the front door of the White House Karl Rove is already embroiled in the Valerie Plame fiasco, now we find him at the forefront of the Harriet Miers fiasco! Don’t we all know by now that Karl Rove is the “cooler” when Bush needs to pull strings??

It’s time we “just say no” to this administration and make them appoint people based on their qualifications rather than cronyism.

It’s time we send a clear message to our senators and representatives to start running this country the way it should be, for all the people, and not the way President Bush “feels”!

This is about what’s good for our country and not what’s good for the Republican party and Bush’s cronies! And if you are a true politician, Republican or Democrat alike, you will have the gumption to stand up and do what’s right for all Americans! We must now join together to protect our freedoms and stop this unprecedented attack on fundamental liberties.

Decline in world opinion has partially been due to America’s unwavering support for Israel, and no one, not our elected representatives nor the media, dare to question our Middle East foreign policy.

Notice that I said Israel, not Jews. Zionists will claim it’s one and the same, that opposing Israel equates to being anti-Semitic. That is as ridiculous as stating that anyone opposing George W. Bush is anti-Christian.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) owns the majority of Congress, with Rep. Ron Paul being an exception. The FBI has recently filed espionage charges against AIPAC, yet both parties continue to openly support this group.

If HR2662, the Anti-Defamation League-sponsored Hate Crimes Bill, also passes the Senate and becomes law, writing a paragraph like this will result in my being charged with acts of domestic terrorism. The introduction of this bill in Congress proves beyond a doubt that our elected officials feel their first obligation is to represent the government of Israel, even if it means discarding U.S. law.

R. Waldron




First let me apologize for taking so long to write you a note of thanks for including Kim Calhoun & Friends in the Vibes section of the Sept.28-Oct.4 edition.

I deeply appreciate this support of the local music scene that music editor Jim Reed and Connect are showing. This is a strong and useful tool we didn’t have back in the ‘80s. Once again thanks for any help you can give.

Kim Calhoun




I concur heartily with Dominic Moraco’s letter, “Some Service Tips.” Doing as he advises will improve restaurant service immeasurably.

I have my own tip to add. If a customer complains about the food, don’t tell him that no one else has ever complained.

At a locally owned coffeehouse, that reply was what I received when I told the counter clerk that the coffee had been cold on my visit the previous day, and that the clerk who waited on me then was apathetic about it.

Their having received no other complaints, or their claim not to have done, is irrelevant to what happened to me. An apology would have been in order, and would have served to make things right.

As it is, I feel as though my trade there is unimportant enough to warrant any action on their part, even small action.

At a locally owned restaurant, I informed the proprietor that I found insect parts in the take-out order I just brought home. Once again, the reply was that such a thing never happened before. I was told that the problem could not have occurred on their end of things, despite the circumstances. I was a loyal customer there, and have recommended their business to many people, not a complainer.

Restaurant proprietors, meeting complaints in this way is not good customer service. I do not transact business at places where the service is poor.

Maggie M. Maye