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Letters to the Editor
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Appreciated Leigh column


Regarding “Remembering Jack Leigh” by Jim Morekis:

I really enjoyed your article about Jack. I had not seen him in a while and did not know the degree of infirmity he had reached. We went to college in the sixties and early seventies and ran in the same circles.

I remember when he decided to pursue photography. Actually, an old friend and his roommate, John McNew, had encouraged him. At least this is what Jack told me. In fact the last time we talked John had just called. (I tracked him down and gave him Jack's number and a message to call. )

Currently, I am spending a year living and working with the Navajo. Having limited space I could only take one picture with me. Hanging on the wall is Jack's “Waltzing Trees,” print #2, reminding me of the beloved Georgia Coast. Jack caught the essence of the islands and his photograph brings peace to one heart in the high desert.

I will never go to Savannah without remembering him. It will be strange to not see him at his gallery. Though, last year I found an old 8mm movie of three friends unloading sound equipment into my house in Athens. One of the three was Jack, another Anthony, the third Trip Fairs. Only Trip and I survive. Jack had long hair and the same smile. It was a good afternoon in Georgia for Rock and Roll.

Thanks for the article. It’s difficult getting news from home and the tone of your story made me remember better times.

Jim Kitchens


Last week’s “Gnat Gnotes” story was written by A. Dendy; last week’s “Art Review” story was written by Bertha Husband. We apologize to both writers for the byline errors.