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Letters to the Editor
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After attending a friend's funeral in Georgia awhile back, I received a DUI. Since I lived in Illinois at the time, I attended DUI School in Illinois and completed all the required tasks I needed to complete in order to have my Illinois Driver's License reinstated, or so I thought.

Anyway, it seems since I received my DUI in Georgia, I needed to attend a DUI School approved by The State of Georgia (Illinois schools aren't approved).

But since my DUI arrest I have changed my way of thinking. I now use what is called common sense. Using this common sense, I contacted the Georgia Dept. of Motor Vehicles and begged them to accept the Illinois DUI School I attended as being valid because if they didn't, it would mean I would have to move to Indiana, Wisconsin, Tennessee, or a couple of other “approved” states and complete DUI School there at a considerable expense.

I received a letter from Louise Strickland (Deputy Director of Driver Services) on March 18 of this year that contained these erroneous instructions: “You may submit your program from Illinois to the Georgia DHR, Attention Rowena Conley, or Mr. Lee Martus, 2 Peachtree Street, 22nd Floor, Atlanta, Georgia, 30303 for approval. If the Georgia DHR approves Illinois' program, DMVS would be able to accept your certificate.”

I don't remember the man's name who called me from the Georgia DHR on April 1, but at that time he said my paperwork was approved, and after my paperwork was forwarded to the Georgia Dept. of Motor Vehicles, my license would be reinstated.

Unfortunately, this information turned out to be false as well, because during the first week of May, I received a call from the GDMV informing me that the Illinois School I attended would not be aceptable.

So, several weeks of my time have been wasted as a result of this false information given to me by Louise Strickland, and other Georgia Government Employees. They got my hopes up, then shot me down.

And to top it all off, either the DHR, or the GDMV lost the paperwork I sent down there that proves I attended DUI School.

James West

Aurora, Ill.




Regarding Lynn Hamilton’s recent story “Tybee Bomb still at large:”

Lynn, thank you for the story on the Air Force not finding the Tybee bomb.

My read on this is that the Air Force can't find it because in my book the terrorists have already found it!

Glenn Smith