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Letters to the Editor
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Raising minimum wage would be counterproductive


Jack Star’s “50-cent solution” to the problem of funding Social Security, described on page 11 in the April 20-26 issue of your paper, is completely unfounded.

If the government were to raise the minimum wage by 50 cents an hour, then busineses would have to raise the prices of their products and services by a like amount to cover the additional operating costs.

Some U.S. businesses that are barely able to compete with foreign companies which pay low wages would have to shut down or move their operations overseas. The “additional” revenues that would flow to the Social Security System under the “50-cent solution” would be offset by the resulting increase in the cost of living, while the elimination of some jobs might actually cause a reduction in Social Security revenues in terms of real dollars.

Wealth cannot be created by government fiat, but only through work and savings.

Farris Cadle

Will a whale shark be kept at the Georgia Aquarium?


I am based on a small island in the Caribbean called Utila, it is in the Bay Islands in Honduras.

I own a resort and dive operation here, I am originally from England. One of the reasons I moved here was to start a research project on Whale Sharks.

I have been working closely with them for the last four years, and am in contact with other Whale Shark experts all around the world.

We have been informed that the new Georgia Aquarium is going to be purchasing a Whale Shark to put on display. This is terrible.

These are the largest fish in the ocean, they can grow to a length of over 40 feet. Japan has already killed 16 by putting them in aquariums.

Do not tell everyone that this is for research purposes because what has already been found out about Whale Sharks is that they do not grow at the same rate in an aquarium, they cannot feed naturally, or swim naturally.

So what is there left to find out? This is just a money making scheme.

A Whale Shark is a highly migrationary creature, one has been tagged with a satellite tag and was tracked over 13,000 kilometes. What are we doing putting this in an aquarium?

All research agencies struggle for money to do investigations into creatures like this. Surely, the money that the Georgia Aquarium is spending to put one on show would be better spent on research activities in the wild.

I have just spent the last two months swimming with Whale Sharks in their migration past the island. This is a much better way to see them.

Steve Fox

Whale Shark Specialist

Deep Blue

Editor’s Note: Published reports indicate that the Georgia Aquarium had originally planned to secure a whale shark from a sanctuary in Belize in exchange for a grant to the conserving institution. However, as of January 2004, the Georgia Aquarium -- which is scheduled to open in Atlanta this year and will reportedly have one of the world’s largest collections of sea life -- had reportedly withdrawn that particular proposal. A call to the Georgia Aquarium in an effort to clarify this situation was unreturned as we went to press this week.

Throw the bums out


The Oxford Dictionary defines a terrorist as a person who uses or favors violent and intimidating methods of coercing a government or community. Seems to define George W. Bush and his gang of thugs to a tee.

The fight against terrorism should start at home. Let’s throw the bums out.

Tom Parrish