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Letters to the Editor
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I support a wonderful organization called United Animal Nations (UAN) that is currently raising money for animal victims of the Asian tsunami.

While of course the human misery associated with this disaster of horrific, the welfare of the animals affected by the storm is of enormous concern. Not only does the suffering of animals matter to many people, but their plight can deeply a affect the already taxed human population.

UAN provides, through its volunteer-staffed Emergency Animal Rescue Service, emergency animal sheltering and relief to communities when disaster strikes in the U.S. and or Canada. While UAN is not an international organization and did not deploy volunteers to Asia, it is actively raising money to send to local Asian groups that it has identifies providing much needed food, water, veterinary care and shelter to animals displaced by the disaster.

UAN is passing through 100 percent of donations to its Asian Tsunami Animal Victims Fund to these organizations.

UAN’s contact information is as follows:

United Animal Nations Asian Tsunami

Animal Victims Fund (

(916) 429-2457

PO Box 188890

Sacramento, Ca 95818

Alexandra Morales




“Where is the Outrage?” Joe Klein asks in a recent Time magazine editorial questioning President Bush’s choice of Alberto Gonzales for Attorney General.

Yes, where indeed is the outrage, not just for Gonzales’ answer/non-answers to questions on prisoner abuse but moreover for the reelection for Bush?

Here we have a regime that unabashedly smashed Iraq on false premises, primarily that of weapons of mass destruction. The WMD case has officially closed, hoax that it was.

One of America’s worst foreign policy calamities has further been justified in terms of "freedom for Iraq", code words for freedom for oil corporations. Freedom to siphon oil from the world’s second largest oil reservoir. Blood spilling and killing for the spoils of oil: Killing some 1400 soldiers, wounding thousands more, and killing thousands of innocent Iraqis.

Now we have to add to that outrage yet more outrage -- prisoner abuse. Abuse set in motion by a leadership that has defiled America’s image of humane treatment of prisoners in the name of combating terrorism. A leadership that has sought ways to circumvent the Geneva Convention of humane treatment of prisoners. Gonzales is the natural corollary of an administration bankrupt of a true sense of morality -- an administration reelected in part ironically enough on moral values.

The outrage is that we have yet four more years to suffer through Bush’s secretive and authoritarian leadership and further that Time chose to honor George Bush as “Person of the Year.”

Will Strong




I refer to articles in both Connect and the Savannah Morning News on faith-based charities. Both Ms. Sickler’s, “Saved to save” in the Dec. 15 issue and Tom Barton’s sycophantic “Bless retailers who like bell-ringers” failed to mention the

rest of the story.

No doubt, the Salvation Army, an evangelical branch of the Universal Christian Church, helps to lessen the plight of the disadvantaged. Public programs such as health, welfare, corrections, mental health and others need all the help they can get.

Faith-based services, applying for federal funds are required to be open

and honest about their practices. The Washington Post says the Salvation Army and President Bush had to abort a ruse to avoid rules of disclosure when

their plan became public.

I do not know about Ms. Sickler, but Mr. Barton, a member of the Salvation Army’s Advisory Council for ten years, should have known better. His timid admonishment of merchants for disallowing Salvation Army bell ringers rings disingenuous. Target management, in disallowing bell ringers, may be behaving more Christian than Christians.

Why not write candidly about private faith-based charities -- Salvation Army,

Union Mission and others -- as if they were public. Withholding information

discredits both subject and author.

I know Christmas is a season for

embellishment (decoration, adornment, trimming). Christians are more likely then to be charitable, loving and generous. Still, I suspect, a joyful season appreciates the truth as much as any other does. The print media is obliged as ever to get it right.

Tom Broome


Editor’s Note: Just so everyone understands, Connect Savannah has no affiliation with the Morning News whatsoever. We suggest that any questions about Mr. Barton’s column be directed to Mr. Barton himself.