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Letters to the Editor
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Loco’s is an odd place to see live music. Split right down the middle it’s kinda like being at somebody’s house where your hanging out watching a game and there just happens to be a badass band rehearsal going on in the basement.

The fellas from P-groove and old jam-mate on the drums rolled in the tour cases FULL of technical goodies complete with a great light rack. I told the sound man that I appreciated all the equipment they were willing to haul for a low-key Wednesday night gig that yielded a mellow crowd of 50 or so people and he asked if I was being sarcastic.

When these guys roll back into town, they really should have a better venue to let loose in. They sounded so good and were so relentless in their pursuit of having that out-of-body jam improvisational experience that it was worthy of an atmosphere 20,000 times the buzz that Loco’s can muster.

If Savannah is going to put its rich music potential on the map it’s going to do so with bigger, badder, venues along the lines of Stubb’s BBQ or Austin Music Hall in Austin, Tejas. After all, Austin is the so-called “Live music capital of the world” because they say so.

I suppose this is just venting. It’s time for an official city organization to nurture the type of investment and creativity it takes to build a lasting and thriving music scene. It won’t take much convincing, places like Austin, Texas, realize many millions of dollars per year just from “Music Tourism” and it’s related/supportive aspects.

Uh, I’ll get to work then. I used to live in Austin, but there ain’t no ocean there, just a bunch of cowboys. Savannah is cooler than Austin.




Regarding “Charity begins with a home:”

Mark Thomas should be ashamed of himself for questioning the St. Jude house giveaway.

But that’s exactly what I like about Mark; there’s no shame in his game.

Earl Orr



Minor error in the story “The buck literally stops here” -- first column, sixth paragraph.

The increase in collected property tax revenues projected amounts is 10.78 percent. The amount included in the original budget proposal was 4 percent.

Therefore, the amount of increase above projected amounts is 6.78 percent. Just thought you would want to know.

Cheryl Deariso