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Letters to the Editor
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WJCL practices censorship


Well, it’s 12:40 a.m. and instead of the “Nightline” episode naming the dead U.S. soldiers in Iraq, ABC 22 feels it necessary to air the “Andy Griffith Show.”

Thanks for the censorship, guys. I was an avid watcher of the station. Since reruns of a long-dead sitcom are more important to them than “Nightline,” I’m gone and I’ll make sure a lot of other people stop watching as well.

“Nightline” is honoring fallen soldiers and they’ve decided to play politics. I may be liberal, but if there was a one-hour love-fest interview with Bush or his cronies on “Nightline” and I owned an ABC affiliate, I’d air it.

The airwaves belong to the people. But I guess this doesn’t apply to WJCL.

Jason Bacon

Enjoyed treatment article


We’re here from New Hampshire for the USCG Convention. We read your great cover story “Treatment works, prison doesn’t,” by Miriam Center. Congratulations for offering a new way to treat addiction instead of the old “throw them in jail” routine. We hope someone in Washington read this too.

In addition, congratulations on your GLBT-friendly ad. As proud PFLAG Parents, we’re always happy to see a safe space for our Community of Friends being openly advertised.

Christine and Lee Marcroft

Spread the word


Kevin Bridges’ “Fried Rice” column hit the nail right on the head. Have you sent a copy to Ms. Rice and Pres. Bush?

CJ Agee

Editor’s Note:No.

The latest scam e-mail

Good day,

You may be surprised to receive this letter from me since you do not know me personally. The purpose of my introduction is that I am Thomas Magura, the first son of Kamara Magura, one of the most popular black farmers in Zimbabwe who was recently murdered in the land dispute in my country.

Before the death of my father, he had taken me to Johannesburg to deposit the sum of $15.5 million in one of the private security and finance company, as he foresaw the looming danger in Zimbabwe. This amount was meant for the purchase of new machines and chemicals for the Farms and establishment of new farms in Swaziland.

As the eldest son of my father, I am saddled with the responsibility of seeking a genuine foreign account where these funds could be transferred without the knowledge of my government. If you accept to assist me and my family, all I want you to do for me is to make an arrangements with the security and finance company to clear the consignment (funds) from their affiliate office here in the Netherlands as I have already given directives for the consignment to be brought to the Netherlands from South Africa.

I have two options for you. Firstly you can choose to have certain percentage of the funds for nominating your account for this transaction. Or you can go into partnership with me for the proper profitable investment of the funds in your country. I am willing to give you 10 % of the money while the remaining 85% will befor my investment in your country.

I implore you to maintain the absolute secrecy required in this transaction. Thanks and God bless you.

Mr. Thomas Magura