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Letters to the Editor
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I would like to draw your attention to an inaccurate statement in Nadra Enzi’s column “Saving which Savannah?”

The article stated “a founder of Save Our Savannah dismissed all black crime victims as crackheads without arising the ire of his peers.”

Two points that need to be clear:

1. That statement was not made by the founder of Save Our Savannah. SOS was founded by Martin Sullivan, and the other individual has never been authorized to speak for our group.

2. The second point is that while he did use the term crackheads he did not intend or say that all black crime victims are “crackheads.”

Save Our Savannah is a citizens advocacy group formed to reduce crime in Savannah for everyone, everywhere, everyday! We’d be happy to have you as a member to help us fight crime in Savannah for everyone, everywhere, everyday.

Martin Sullivan



Regarding Jim Morekis’ “Taking Savannah Back -- from whom?”

An excellent article about some of the deeper issues about crime in the town. The racial tensions at the crime forum underscored the deeper issue, which you did an excellent job of articulating -- racism.

Sad as I am to say, if the young girl who was killed in Orleans Square was black there would not be such an outrage. As a member of the Mayor’s Task Force on Education, I can say the same exists there as well.

The issues, as you know, are about the haves and have-nots -- i.e., social inequality -- which is increasing more and more under Bush. Race, class, education and stereotyping are the real issues to be addressed in this town.

Alan Kahn



Danny Hansford...many adjectives would describe his life and person but we won’t go into that. For more information read “The Book.”

Speaking of The Book, I have one particularly unforgettable memory: Danny wanted a headstone. He thought that hanging out with the rich and raunchy would get him one. It didn’t.

For whatever reason a young man would be interested, express the thought or even entertain the idea of his own death is fascinating, but Danny did. He spent time in graveyards. Did he have a premonition of his early death?

Danny did not get the headstone he wanted. Did he deserve one? Does anyone? But without Danny, there would have been no Book, no Movie. You think not, take him out of the Book and what do you have? Savannah’s made money off Danny and it’s time to return some of it!

His mother was poor and unable to afford Danny’s headstone. He may have pointed out to someone what type of headstone he liked best. Does anyone know? Possibly he may have liked the black marble with a car etched on it. He was certainly known for driving fast.

All in all, much money has been made off Danny. There is even an entire bookstore devoted to this one particular Book. How many books can make that boast? Yes, Savannah, Danny needs a headstone and it’s up to us to give him one!

Jan Hottle

Winchester, Va.



Regarding Jane Fishman’s “Singing Kitty’s song”:

A beautifully written article. I hope when I go someone walks as softly through my life. I pray they mention that I, too, knew The Goatman.

Jimmy Maddox



Regarding your blog entry titled “Homicide #2 of 2006”:

I cannot stand to see my brother, Greg Blake, referred to simply as, “Homicide #2.” He was a wonderful, kind, loving and deeply loved man who will be tragically missed by all who were lucky enough to have known him.

I would like to post a link to his online memorial or if you can do it for me I would be very grateful:

If the link doesn’t work, it can be found by going to and typing Blake into the obituary search. Thank you.

Lisa Goodrich

Editor’s Note: I understand your dismay. The blog posting was done as soon as we received the first press release from local police about the murder. As is typical for initial releases, it did not contain Greg’s name. We apologize for any hurt feelings this may have engendered.