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Letters to the Editor
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Faith should stay in the box as far as he’s concerned


Regarding your recent cover story on Christian “Faith outside the box” in Savannah -- are you sure?

As a recovering human service bureaucrat, I have much the same fear about Savannah’s growing “faith-based” services as I do involvement in your Iraqi

war and mine. How will it end?

Maybe I should have never read Molly Ivins’s and Lou Dubose’s new book Bushwhacked. Their account of Bush’s

faith-based childrens program failures in Texas, instituted while he was governor, is enough to disturb even the fundamentalists.

The deregulation required of

church-sponsored service programs came back to haunt them. Ivins and Dubose write;

“In 2001 Texas lawmakers killed the faith-based alternative-accreditation

agency for good reason. They were afraid that if they didn’t kill the program,

the program was going to kill the kids.”

Reportedly, church-sponsored homes for boys were “beating the devil out of children and Christ into them...”

As I write this -- January 4, 2005, 9:35 a.m. -- Congress is praying at the 109th

Congressional Prayer Service. If there is an occasion more disturbing to a

non-believer such as myself than to have a government praying for its ideals in place of working for them, I do not know what it is.

While the U.S. and much of the world threatens to come apart at the seams, our leadership has its eyes closed, heads bowed, appealing to supernatural forces to intervene on its behalf.

No wonder we are scaring the be-Jesus out of our former allies. You think “out of the box” Christians in Savannah are noticing any of this?

Tom Broome





Time to overcome stigma of seizure disorders


I am part of a newly-formed group here in Savannah called OSSD (Overcoming The Stigma of Seizure Disorders).

It amazes me how many people are still very much in the Dark Ages concerning seizures...and even more so in their response to the affliction!

Will somebody please tell me why our own media has ignored covering this important issue, yet it continuously pushes awareness and fundraising events for cancer, heart disease, AIDS, etc?

Our group’s aim is to educate as many as we can... whether it be individuals who find it difficult to cope, or families who are not getting pertinent information from their physicians.

I have yet to find much information in any physician’s office about epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, and other neurological disorders.

Come on folks, jump with me on the bandwagon and let’s start educating the public!

Our group meets on the fourth Thursday of every month at The Wesley Monumental United Methodist Church.

Please call Pam at 233-1006 for further information, and for fundraising ideas through the use of community talent.

Pam Steadman


Correction: Sushi Zen

In the recent article “The Last Samurai,” about a new Sushi Zen opening on Eisenhower Drive, we published an incorrect phone number.

The correct number for Sushi Zen on the southside is 303-0141. We apologize for the error.