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Mardi Gras in May
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Each year about this time, we publish our annual “Best of Savannah” Reader’s Poll issue.

While containing all of our regular features as well, this week’s issue focuses on giving you a full breakdown of all the winners and runners-up.

Each year we receive more and more responses, breaking the thousand-ballot mark some time back. This year, we set another record for reader response, and we’re especially happy at the extremely high number of online voters at our website, which far exceeded our expectations.

For the record, our poll is completely based on your responses and is not influenced by any advertising concerns. Unlike several other publications in town, we don’t run bogus polls in which our key advertisers miraculously win all the categories.

(Though you will no doubt find that many of our advertisers did indeed win. If this happens, you can rest assured it’s because they won fair and square.)

There were quite a few surprises this year. The food and nightlife categories contain several hot up-and-comers. A few veteran winners popped up at the top of a different category than the one we’re accustomed to seeing them win.

Reflecting Savannah’s continuing diversity as a marketplace, the goods & services category also features many new names.

And the City Life category in particular contains some very interesting and surprising election results -- particularly the ones involving a couple of politicians you may have heard of. Be sure and check it out.

In years past we’ve put together some rather elaborately themed and creative “Best of” issues. So creative, in fact, that the effort involved for our small staff made it difficult to focus on publishing the actual poll results -- the main reason for the issue’s existence.

So this year wetook a different course, choosing to let the results speak for themselves. Our only theme is the idea of a “Mardi Gras in May,” to coincide with the theme of our invitation-only “Best Of” party at McDonough’s honoring this year’s winners.

Stay tuned next week for some photos from this year’s “Best of” Bash.