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More on Christmas decorations
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Regarding your recent column on downtown Christmas decorations: If you think Broughton Street is bad, you should come over to Beaufort and see Bay Street. Pathetic. I moved here recently and do appreciate the Southern charm and the history.

As you said, Savannah is a gorgeous city with priceless architecture, incredible trees...and of course, the squares.. The historic district decorations, to me, are fairly good.

Broughton Street, however, is just awful. Those wreaths that are strung over the street look like something from the Depression era.

You didn't mention that the cheap, Walmart bows are not only cheap and tacky....they're BLUE and WHITE! They must have been on sale, left over from the fourth of July.

Thanks for writing that editorial. I hope you can get the relevant organizations motivated. As you said, Savannah is a just needs some quality, serious, professional input. Especially now.

Mary Jane