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Musicians can't park
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Musicians can't park


I have been a working musician in Savannah for 5 decades. I was one of the first to perform in City Market after the renovation in the early 80's. Every time I have performed I have parked in St. Jullian Street, turned on my flashers and unloaded my gear.

I have never received a ticket for this. Until last week.

The city now expects performers to park underground, and move our gear up to the street from there.

This new policy makes the gig undoable. Any musician would be too worn out, and time will not allow this assinine idea to work. As you know, most local musicians are self employed, uninsured, collect no unemployment,enjoy no medical, dental, retirement,or any other benefit that the people that write these ridiculous tickets enjoy.

Nowhere is there a better example of taxation without representation. No one takes up our cause.We work for far less than we are worth, without the benefit of a strong union.

And now, to add insult to injury, they want to treat us like street trash, by talking down to us, threatening us, and using their uniform to intimidate us.

I would like to issue a challenge to all local city government, parking service, and law enforcement officials: The next time you take a weekend off, drag your ass down to city market, hop into the driver seat of whoever is performing, drive his equipment to the underground garage, unload it, move it, then set it up.

Then, if you have any oxygen left in your body, start singing for 3 hours, then come and tell me that justice is being served in City Market.

This, I promise, will never happen because the authoritarians are going to do what they do so well, hide in the shadows. Like the meter maids do when the media shows up in City Market. Like a cockroach that runs when you flip on a light.

While you ponder that, think about this: Many artists simply will not perform in Savannah because of it's neanderthal policies concocted by the same "inspired" minds that sent performers like myself looking for employment in areas where some level of sanity and respect for working musicians still prevails.

So, be sure of this Savannah, until the nimrod beaureucrats who pervert and poison our local system of free enterprise are purged from the constipated bowels of city government, expect more of the same.

G.E. Perry


Really, really likes Sudoku


Shame on you! Boy have you got some nerve. A pox on you.... everybody you're in cahoots with!


I'm tellin' Santa Claus on your ass! I'm coming to your office with an Ann Landers wet noodle Uzi! I'm callin' Granny Smith to git her shotgun (DUDE!). I'm callin' Sonny Perdue and the National Guardian Angels! BUBBA!

Then you sher won't git away from me in one of your little greeny-weeny hybrid cars down I-16! HA!

Gimme all those jaywalkin' tickets! I don't care 'bout no 21-bars 'cause I spend all night suckin' the ice outta my Coke-cola! All them damn squawkin' guitar players wantin' to be the next Milli Vanilli! And what the sam-carnation am I supposed to do with this "Mouthwash for Breakfast" cartoon?

Yer dang puzzle was too hard anyway! Budget cutbacks? Change your underwear less often!

The Bag Lady

Editor's Note: We had a little interruption of service and we now have Matt Jones's 'Psycho Sudoku' in the paper.




Due to fears of retaliation I request that I remain an anonymous source.

For the past four months the inmates at Smith State Prison in Glennville, GA have been experiencing an outbreak of Scabies. Initially those infected (who requested to see medical) were treated with iodine (topical). Later they were given antibiotic ointment and then antibiotics.

During the past month inmates who did not refuse any of the treatments and who continued the complaint procedure have been sent one by one to Augusta State Medical Prison where they have each been diagnosed with Scabies, returned to Smith, isolated in a cell in the medical department and then returned to general population (where others wait for their turn to go to Augusta). A few have been reinfected. Several inmates have developed Staph infections.

Certain inmates have been initially, though unofficially diagnosed with Scabies upon first seeing someone while not being treated for it. Instead they are being treated for a generic rash which is supposedly caused by reaction to the laundry. No change has been made in the laundry.

Inmates who previously were housed at Central report that an outbreak of Scabies occurred there periodically at which time the entire dormitory was treated without sending individual inmates to Augusta for diagnoses. One of the first cases of Scabies appears to have come from an inmate recently transferred to Smith.

Inmates who are infected but who have not been to Augusta are not isolated, have contact with visitors and are transferred out of Smith to other prisons. Smith also houses a Transitional Center where inmates are able to leave and return after a certain period of time.

A large number of inmates who are infected reside in the newly opened "Fast Track" dormitory. The new building which the Department of Corrections initially said was for those inmates with short sentences, thus the name "Fast Track" actually houses mostly inmates serving no less than a life sentence.

This means that any long term effects this has on the inmates will continue to cost the taxpayers.

The Medical Director for the Georgia Department of Corrections, the Office of the Ombudsman and Family Advocacy (who states they have notified the Warden at Smith), the Policy Administrator at the Georgia Department of Corrections' Legal Office, and the Tattnall County Health Department have been made aware of the concern on multiple occasions by multiple people. This outbreak could easily, efficiently, effectively, and economically have been addressed at least a month ago if not earlier. In addition to having compromised the health of inmates, guards, visitors (and those in contact with each respectively) this has cost taxpayers significantly more than it should.

I reach out to you for help in addressing this issue and rectifying the situation as a last resort.