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On issue of wealth, check the 'L Curve'
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Enjoyed your recent column "A deficit of patriotism." I've voted Republican for 30 years. Especially don't like government intervention. Believe me, I'm not the radical type. Self-employed. Made it.

But recently I researched the U.S. Census stats. To my surprise the data stops at $250,000. Why?

Then I found the site called the "L-Curve" ( It said the wealth curve is even more dramatic. It made me realize that we fight amongst ourselves, i.e. the welfare people, blue collar workers, white collars, and even the "rich" docs, but actually the real rich are way above all of us.

This micro-minority owns the majority of the country, i.e. its money and riches. Therefore it controls the politicians.
Notice that the press, politicians, talk radio, etc., call this "class warfare." It's therefore envy, not American. Therefore we fight among ourselves but don't really focus on the question:

Is it American for two percent to own the majority of this country? The Tea Party should direct their disgust to America's royalty.

Notice how quiet Democrat Hollywood is about this. Why? Check out the number of millionaires in Los Angeles County.

How many people does Sean Penn employ? Michael Jordan? Or super-wealthy who only employ someone to manage their money and captain their yachts?

Notice the proportional difference between Rush Limbaugh, who makes $50 million and employs about two dozen people, and the paint contractor making $25 g's employing two, or the civil engineer making $100 g's and employing four, or a factory owner making $175 g's employing 50. Yes, it's the latter who really produces the jobs of ‘small' business. They need the tax breaks.

People in your position can help the American people understand that our country unfortunately is not what we think. We are owned by a "royal" few, we just don't call them King, Prince, Duke, Earl, etc.

The politicians are afraid to get rid of the Bush tax cuts even starting at $1 million.

How about even $5 million? $10 million? Why not? Because that's who owns them.

Stephen Saunders