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Open Letter: Alderman Tony Thomas is a 'shadow-seeking troll'
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An open letter to Alderman Tony Thomas

Dear Alderman Thomas,

Mr. Thomas, even if your claims regarding the City Manager are true, you totally violated the spirit of the night of the inauguration.

Alderman Van Johnson asked that you all be up-front and respectful, avoiding the divisiveness that social media can cause.

Sonny Dixon and Mayors Johnson, Jackson, and DeLoach asked for a spirit of unity.

Like the shadow-seeking troll that you are, you used social media to sow sleaze only as an experienced predator can do.

For totally destroying the great opportunity this city had in its grasp that night, there is a group of us that are going to insure your public accountability for all that you are, and all of the reprehensible behavior you have displayed.

You are hateful. You are destructive. You are an abomination to all that is good and right in an elected official. A real man and true leader would have saved their concern for the first City Council meeting.

Know that money, time and effort will be placed to your exposure.

Why will you not just focus on your thrift store empire and leave governing to the good, great, and decent? Maybe the law will make that decision for you.

We sign X, to deny you your online threats of litigation.

Active Citizens of Savannah