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Out-of-control cops, Halloween hijinks
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Some cops seriously need to chill


I write to you due to a serious concern I have about the inappropriate, violent behavior, that is becoming more and more common, from officers in the Savannah police department.

I have been a witness to multiple events of police violence towards innocent individuals, as well as read my fair share of disturbing stories. I have been in the presence of an officer, who, by virtue of breaking a traffic law, nearly hit my best friend, who was on a bicycle (abiding by traffic laws).

Instead of apologizing for the near hit, the officer sped towards us, slammed on his brakes, got out of the car, and began screaming, cursing, and behaving extremely aggressively towards my friend. I was shocked to see such rage and violence from a person who was clearly in the wrong, and could have killed an innocent cyclist.

Later that day, we filed a complaint at the Police department, and were pretty much laughed at. No one seemed to understand the implications of this extremely disturbing behavior.

Just this past week, I once again bore witness to the actions of a person who behaved as if they were possessed by the devil himself; an officer who entered my place of employment during closing time.

The moment she entered, she began screaming and hollering as we were trying to close out the last tabs during our bar shift. A group of law-abiding citizens, closing down a business at the appropriate time, should never have to deal with this.

She felt that we were trying to keep the business open past legal hours, which anyone with any sense could see us cleaning up and closing the bar. She could not be sated, even as we explained that we were shutting down, continued to behave like a lunatic.

She even handcuffed and detained a patron of our business, who was simply trying to pay a tab, and threatened to "take him away".

When you are in the presence of events like this and when you read things such as the horrific violence done unto Momma Ally of the Last Biscuit by the Savannah PD, and the heartbreaking story of Clifford Grevemberg, the autistic teenager who was beaten by Tybee police officers, you really wonder how on earth are obviously disturbed people allowed to carry guns and tasers!

I do not write this to condemn the police -- I write to bring awareness to a growing social concern. As I have met many of the officers in the Savannah PD, I do know that most are good-natured, respectable people.

It is really disheartening to know that somehow there are unstable, violent individuals slipping into the ranks of those who should be the most level-headed, intelligent people society has to offer. The bad apples are starting to destroy the reputation of those who have truly taken an oath to "serve and protect".

Nicole Edge

Professional Bellydancer & Dance Instructor

Halloween column was spot-on


I had to let you know how amused I was by your recent column "Halloween is always on Oct. 31, people."

I absolutely agree with you. I was so in shock when my eldest daughter told me about how it was going to be celebrated on Saturday, I had to confirm it with three different strangers. 

We just moved here from Arizona and don't know a soul. Like you we had to change our plans, my husband took the kids out and I stayed to hand out candy. He and I went downtown at 9 p.m. and it was hoppin'.

We saw quite a few drunk drivers on the '16, you pegged that one! 

You have such valid points. My husband is now overseas, I can't wait to send him your article. He will crack up! Thank you!

H. Stone