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Reader: Confederate monuments will come down 'over my dead body'
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You’re an idiot to the highest order. Your article, “Monumental Problems” just exposes how out of touch you are. I am sure that you voted for Hillary, and was (and probably still are) in total shock when Trump blew the doors off of the Electoral College not that long ago.

Do you know why I know this? Because you make poorly researched, lazy, flippant statements like, “And the commonly held, consensus core values, in year 2017 simply do not include glorifying or romanticizing the Confederacy in any way.”  

I’m sure you thought the commonly held, consensus core values were in favor of Hillary too. Be honest.

 And that didn’t happen, did it? 

And neither will the far Left’s attempt to purge our Confederate monuments. You DO NOT have consensus as you falsely claim. You DO NOT have the majority.

You are wrapped up in your liberal media bubble and refuse to hear the vast majority’s opposition to bringing down these beautiful monuments that have stood erect for over 100 years.

These monuments do not represent slavery. It represents our proud Southern heritage.

Your liberal mind has been brainwashed to automatically believe that any white person who is proud of their heritage & country is a racist.

People like you believe that unless a white person is groveling at the feet of a black then they are a Nazi. It’s sickening really. And people are fed up.

And there are legions of us who feel the exact same way. Even out here at the Landings where I live, the Board of Governors tried to change the name of Plantation Club, until the majority of its members fought back with severe opposition.

Since then, They have wisely reconsidered and decided to shelve the stupid idea.

Over my dead body will these monuments be taken down because some pansy-ass who writes for a loser left wing publication like “Connect” says so.

Chalk up because the game is ON.

Neil Jurgensen, Esq.