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Reader feedback: Dig deeper into City of Savannah finances
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Dig deeper into City of Savannah finances


Regarding your recent column “The City’s finances are on fire”:

How did the city get into the financial mess you report? I’d argue the information is more important than how to dig out.

Make officials explain how their political decisions and policy changes led the community to this point. And perhaps take a look at sales taxes. Are they up? And if so, in what categories?

Maybe look beyond the bed tax and ask what’s going on in other revenue categories. For sure more clothing shops and groceries are open, but without significant population gains that’s not going to cover shortfalls. Each one of us will still put on one pair of pants each day and drink the same amount of milk no matter how many stores sell pants and milk.

I’d also like to see more expert analysis. What are university economists, social scientists, and political analysts saying? What do financial analysts who cover companies doing business at the Port think?

And how about a deep dive with the budget director? I would think they’ve got trends in charts and reports. Get them and publish them. And if they don’t have them, that’s a story.

Thank you.