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Reader: Gun control just protects criminals from victims
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I’m visiting from the Portland, Oregon, area and have been stumped at all the “NO CARRY” signs in windows in both Charleston and Savannah and wondered how in the Good Lord’s name anyone would be afraid of honest citizens with guns.  

After all, the bad guys hide their guns until they find an easy victim. Most defer the commission of a crime if they fear their victim. That is why cities across the world with the most gun restrictions have the highest incidence of home invasion robberies, particularly in the U.S. and Europe.  

Gun control has helped protect criminals from victims in most major cities since the 1968 gun control act stopped the mail order of handguns to keep African Americans from arming themselves during the civil rights uprisings. (It had been blamed on the JFK, RFK and MLK murders, but that was a sham to get the public to accept the restrictions.)

Oregon passed concealed weapons provisions statewide in 1990 that made it far easier to get a concealed weapon, yet most press people had the same response as you have about Georgia’s new open carry law: The OK Corral and nonstop murder in the streets are sure to follow!  

But instead violent crime rates dropped by double digits in those first few years while they had been rising steadily for decades prior. Today there is still a steady reduction in crime.

Criminals seeing an open carry threat to their fun are going to be far less likely to follow thru on plans to victimize nearby citizens.

The stupidity of the businesses displaying “NO FIREARMS” signs in their windows makes me avoid these places left defenseless to the criminals who simply don’t follow signs, laws or common decency regarding their entitlement to take from or hurt others. Not trusting honest people makes me distrust the businesses.

If a man doesn’t have the right to hold the means to defend his own life or defend his loved ones, how then can he be a Free Man? God gave us the right to defend ourselves. No man can take that away. No free society can condone anything less.

Back home, I do not have a license to carry. I refuse to ask for permission. I’ll carry my handgun whenever I feel I may need to protect myself.

My life is worth more than that of the bureaucrat who espouses my life’s value or worthiness. It’s not the government who grants rights, it is the citizens who assigns their duties and assigns their restrictions. They work for us, we do not work for them.

If your life isn’t that important, don’t complain about those who feel differently. We don’t have faith in the judgment of government officials hiding behind lofty restrictions on our life value or their ever growing lust for power over other people--power enforced by minions with guns and badges. Many who, as humans with faults, often fail to uphold or follow the laws they swore to uphold.  

We are each our own last stand of defense. What is scary about that?

Jerry Carlson