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Reader: 'Hillary Hate' is overblown and a creation of the media
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In Rachael Flora’s article (“Hillary hate”, Jan. 20-26th) on Hillary Clinton she writes numerous times that “nobody likes Hillary”, and “Hillary is universally disliked”.

Do what? What planet does Ms. Flora live on?

I belong to numerous organizations representing millions of Americans supporting Hillary for President. To say we love and adore her would be an understatement.

Hillary starts off with a 80% chance of winning the nomination and same for keeping the White House a third term and beyond for the Dems; a Herculean task by any measure in a nation that routinely goes back and forth between parties where the presidency is concerned.

The media-created and FoxNotNews, Koch-head approved narrative about Hillary has settled into the minds of far too many voters, but that it settles so deeply into Rachael Flora’s (who I adore), is, well, unsettling.

The GOP has spent millions upon millions of dollars producing what amounts to thousands of hours of negative commercial advertising running against Hillary in the early nominating states. They’ve spent not a dime, nor a moment, battling Bernie; they fear him not.

That Dems fall for it by supporting Bernie Sanders (hey, what’s not to love about anyone named Bernie, SMN-readers be damned, lol) speaks to our liberal Democratic-vulnerability after taking Democratic rule for granted under 8 years of Obama.

The GOP’s first commercial against Bernie should Dems momentarily lapse sense and nominate him:

As dark storm clouds roll into view, a tense strain of cryptic music sounds, and an ominous authoritative male voice says: “Following World War I and II thousands of European Jews emigrated to America; one of them gave birth in Brooklyn, New York, to a man with a socialist fire burning in his soul, a man said to go from agnostic to atheist with the wind; he rose to prominence in the American Congress, now he wants to lead us…Bernie Sanders…

He says, he ‘doesn’t believe in capitalism’, he wants to ‘restructure America and redistribute all wealth’, but who will work? You?

The voice continues, “If you support this vision for America it’s imperative that you cast your vote for the Democratic Party in November”, thunder rumbles and claps! POP! Lightning strikes! SNAP! BOOM!

We all about jump out of our lazy-boys at home!


Trump, Ted, the White House, or rather as I now prefer, the semi-White House, is yours.

Oh! My! God! Xanax, take me away…

(I don’t want to hear any charges of anti-Semitism, I am more atheist Jew than Christian soldier; the GOP will use everything and even Obama had to jump through the “I love Jesus” hoop. By the way, I only ask that Dems support our eventual nominee, I will; and maybe keep the unhinged Hillary-bashing to a minimum.)

The Other Bernie, Evans