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Reader: Thanks for Albion's Voice and issues coverage
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A word of thanks goes to Jessica Leigh Lebos for her coverage of the 45th year reunion of Albion’s Voice. She did an excellent job covering the event in the same way she does in her many other editorials.

Also, Jim, I’d like to thank you for your own editorials addressing Savannah’s challenges. Those challenges are much the same ones we addressed in Albion’s Voice 45 years ago.

It’s good to have Connect Savannah openly discussing what challenges Savannah needs to confront and solve. I figure the major problems center around what I call the Three E’s: Education, Economics, and Equality. Those are the very problems you have been writing about.

Now if only the leaders of Savannah will take those points you raise to heart, openly addressing them and seeking solutions, then Savannah will truly begin to progress.

William H. Strong