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Reader: Thanks for Cheney column
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I just happened to be visiting Savannah recently and picked up your paper. I read your column “Cheney’s Ghost” and just smiled with joy in that finally years after the Iraqi FUBAR someone has the courage to tell the truth. 

You see, I live and work in a very conservative part of Atlanta. For many years I caught hell for having the gall to speak out about how the whole war was a big mistake and a lie.

I was called everything from a traitor to a terrorist sympathizer. Now mind you, I am a disabled veteran of the first Gulf War and gave 10 years of my life to the service of this country, but yet I was ostracized for calling George W. Bush and Cheney what they have now been proven to be: Liars.

So thank you for your article. It made my day and confirmed that, yes maybe my being right and $2 will buy me a cup of coffee, but I can sleep well at night knowing that I was not mislead so easily by the neocons that wanted to make a profit off of patriotism.

We should all question our leaders’ motives.

That is what democracy is— not following blindly.

Terry Jenkins