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The County's code of shame
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The County's code of shame


As a resident of Georgia, a senior citizen and a property owner in both the City of Savannah and Chatham County, I would like to share my experiences over the past four and a half years. Little did I know when I purchased my personal residence in Chatham County, the Inspections and Code Departments were different. The County and the City operate under different guidelines and procedures.

Each business card from the County reads as follows: "To safeguard the general welfare of citizens of Chatham County through the timely issuance of permits, inspections." What a joke!

From the "Mark of Excellence" of the developer and builder to the so-called "cross-trained" inspectors, it seems everyone was asleep at the switch when my home was built. No one admits to guilt and the County will not accept or take responsibility.

They all say "get a lawyer." Been there and done that. Obviously the developer and builder have more money to pay lawyers than you or I do. It's a no-win for homeowners!

I would not have purchased my home if I had known the Code Departments were different and did not follow the same guidelines for construction, renovation and building safety. The County has not safeguarded me nor have they been concerned about my general welfare.

Quite the opposite response! My inquiries and request for assistance have been met with disdain and condescension. I have been disregarded and ignored.

Now, I would like to talk about the City. The City isn't perfect. However, their employees do not treat you as if you're stupid. They try to work on and correct their problems.

If you walk into the City's Code Office at 7:30 a.m. Monday-Friday, you are treated with respect. If they cannot give you an answer to your problem immediately, they will at least call you back within 24 hours with some type of solution.

With the County, not one employee can even tell you who inspected your property. If you call the City because you can't read their handwriting, they will tell you over the phone. If my private residence had been built in the City, it would never have passed the required inspections to receive a Certificate of Occupancy.

I feel my tax dollars are well spent by the City in most of their public service departments. The City's employees all try, even the garbage collectors.

If you're lucky enough to find an answer to one of your County problems and the City initiates the resolution, watch the County pass the buck!

As a taxpayer in the City, I don't feel the City should take the brunt of responsibility for substandard developers and shoddy code inspections, covered by the County and then turned over to the City to maintain.

Where is Chatham County's responsibility? I feel the people and residents of the County should demand better use of our tax dollars.

Jacky Kelley


Movie missed an opportunity


Regarding Bill DeYoung's "Extra, Extra":

Anybody could accuse anybody of anything for any reason. Bill DeYoung should have been allowed to face his accuser.

Security clearly over-reacted by ejecting him from the set of The Last Song without seeking the full story. His rights were violated.

And what's wrong with having a writer as an extra? That's free publicity for the movie.

Jean Brown