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The McCain that was
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America certainly owes a debt to John McCain. He endured things as a POW that we cannot even begin to imagine.

That said, the John McCain we knew 9 or 10 years ago is not the John McCain we see now. He used to be a man of strong principles, willing to take a firm stand on the issues. He used to be a true conservative yet able to maintain compassion for his fellow human beings.

However, in his quest for the presidency, he has become a limp noodle, flopping to and fro with every shift in the politically correct winds that blow so frequently in the political theater that Washington D.C. has become. We watched him stand idly by while his election team fed Sarah Palin to the wolves just to keep the hopes for another McCain run at the Presidency alive.

Now he runs TV ads that so obviously fly in the face of his stance on illegal immigration just a year or so ago. It appears that he no longer has the courage of his own convictions.

One wonders whether he has sufficient wisdom or the intestinal fortitude left to represent Arizona in Washington, D.C. To all outward appearance, he does not.

It is truly sad to see how the leprosy that American politics has become, has eaten away "The man that was"!

Robert M. Collinsworth