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Thank you for your attention to our local theatre scene in recent issues. I want to briefly mention some facts about the Savannah Children’s Theatre of which I am a board member.

Our mission is to “inspire, educate & entertain children & families through the experience of quality theatre both on & off the stage.” With this in mind, our theater, which includes our actors, our staff, our volunteers, our families and our sponsors, all come together during each production to challenge ourselves to bring live theater to our community.

We do so over 40 times per year.  Our shows include 2 main stage productions that are open audition for both children and adults.

We have class shows whose objective is twofold: 1) to teach young actors the skills to not only be on stage, but also how to put on a production. 2) to bring a play to life and provide a quality show for our Savannah audience.

We also have teen classes and other theater related workshops as well as a school field trip program offering circular based educational plays.

Another mission of the Savannah Children’s Theatre is building the foundation for local theatre. We are very proud that several of our actors were in the recent productions of the city’s To Kill a Mockingbird and the Little Theatre’s The Diary of Anne Frank.

We are also thankful of the many “regulars” who attend our shows. Many of the comments on Ryan McCurdy’s Facebook page were those who support and attend shows at the Savannah Children’s Theatre!

With our success in mind, one of our most frustrating issues is getting people in the door. We need good positive coverage from the local media to not only fill our seats, but provide our corporate supporters with the knowledge that their generosity is rewarded.

All of our productions are geared for family entertainment.  Please cover our shows and help bring theatre to the forefront of our community.

Adger Ross

Cabbie rules


Doug E.’s recent Fare Game column, “The cabbie reality,” is one of the very best articles you have ever run. It truly depicts the American reality of today, particularly in real estate.

I have a suggestion for Doug E.: Perhaps he should give up driving a cab and write full-time. And also, if the owner of Connect Savannah is looking for a partner, or at least a full-time editor, Doug E. might be a good choice!