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Truman construction devastates habitat
Images from the Truman construction


Wild places in Chatham County are so few and far between that when another one is wiped out it’s heartbreaking.
Whenever I used to drive by a church on Abercorn and White Bluff  and see the expanse of woods behind it, in my mind’s eye by that coincidence it was several rungs higher up the ladder of spiritual development by virtue of having a preserved wild space nearby.

So when a couple weeks ago I drove by and saw the woods had been destroyed, my first thought was who is responsible for this atrocity? Who do I write to?

I soon found out the land had been sold to Chatham County for the extension of the Harry Truman Parkway on to Abercorn. It was too late to have a say about some kind of preservation of something.

It was just a graveyard of felled trees. A bee, a butterfly, a bird, and a bug offered a tiny bit of hope, another chance.

But the big smoking pit where the trees were being burned...Isn’t there a law somewhere about burning trees that took possibly a hundred years to grow? Is it too expensive to not waste things, if you must kill them?

The cost is to future generations and the loss of the other living things that we share the planet with. When the county destroys a wild spot, it should offer the public a free opportunity to transplant small trees and plant specimens from the spot to the people’s private properties which have become one of the few hopes left for wildlife and biodiversity — if people rise to the occasion.

Please, plant a few native plants in your yard and allow at least patches of your property to be unmolested. Why is it if there are some plants growing not planted by man it’s “blight?” To some of us, vast expenses of green turf  and a few color spots of hybrid flowers lacking nutriment for wildlife are a selfish aesthetic.

The reason we are losing biodiversity is individuals making choices on private and community property that doesn’t support it. Maybe if the property owners of the upcoming water park “development”  or Savannah River Landing or fill–in–the–blank are pushed to do so for a wild spot that is left...

Wherever there are bee and butterflies, frogs and toads you have a web of interconnectivity of birds and other animals that will be wiped out. That’s not progress for humans either. How will you be more considerate of the web of life?

’Native Scaper’

Halloween decision backfired


Regarding your recent column “Halloween is always on Oct. 31, people”:

I agree with you that the government should keep their hands out of how and when we can celebrate non–federal holidays such as Halloween.

I agree that families who decide to celebrate with trick–or–treating should be allowed to do it however and whenever they want to.

In my neighborhood we had trick–or–treaters BOTH nights, and as someone who chooses not to celebrate Halloween it just seemed that all the government did was extend the celebration.

Faith Givens