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Yeasayer drives him to drink
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Regarding your review of the recent Yeasayer show:

Are you kidding me? 

So I went to the Yeasayer/Washed Out show... (shakes head). Washed Out was my ENTIRE reason for going to this show.

Sadly I arrived at 8:08. The show was set to start at 8. I saw three minutes of Washed Out and their set was done (a 20-minute opening act... I thought the standard was at least an hour).

I know they only have a six-track EP, but I expected them to play at least an hour. How can you go on tour with six tracks?

Yeasayer went on, and for the first 30+ minutes I thought I was witnessing the worst music I’ve ever heard. It felt like an Irish Christian rock band. Utterly horrible.

I was going to walk out, but I paid $22 for the show and felt I should stick around. But in the words of my friend Will, “I will pay $22 to leave right now.”

Two nights before the Yeasayer show, Emancipator played at Live Wire with St. Andrew and Fuzz. That show was an adventure in electronica! 

Two edity dubstep performers with Emancipator playing sick semi–organic downtempo beats with live guitar and a few hip hop a capellas and a touch of a Sigur Ros vocal.

Is Savannah THAT disconnected from what electronic music actually is, to think that Yeasayer is electronica?

To semi–quote Lewis Black: Yeasayer is to electronica what KFC is to chicken.

I’m sorry to be so negative, but I had to hit up the Distillery on the way home to salvage my night, and the alcohol opened the gates to my frustration.