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Savannah Recycles... now


Curbside recycling appears to be in the process of happening, meanwhile, many people in Savannah & Chatham County are recycling right now, and have been for years. Everything that we recycle right now, will not be burned in the city incinerator.

Earlier this year, I was dropping off my recyclables on West Gwinnett Street, and as I was putting the glass, paper and cans into their bins, there was an older man doing the same thing from the back of his pickup truck.

He looked over and asked if I was having fun. We both said we were. He said it was because he didn’t have to.

We kept talking as we tossed our recycling, and he told me he worked at a restaurant motel, and the small truckload that he was sorting came from his work. One day he saw the bottles, cans and plastic being thrown in the trash, and realized he couldn’t just watch this happen. So now he sorts it out of the trash after work each day, and takes it to the drop off location when he has a truck load.

He said he thinks about his kids, and it just made sense to him not to throw things in the trash that could be recycled. He also did not seem to mind doing this on his own time, it was important enough to him, and it just made sense.

When I grew up in Northern Virginia, it was not unusual to see a neighbor burning trash in their backyard in a metal barrel. It wasn’t that shocking either, but I think most people now would be shocked if they saw their neighbor burning their household trash out back, plastic and all. It’s because now we know better.

There is a petition being signed that will bring Curbside Recycling to a vote. This is very important, as it is a direct example of Citizen’s Initiative, the people that live here showing what they want.

Meanwhile, we have the opportunity to recycle right now, whether or not it is picked up curbside by the city.

There are numerous places to drop off your recyclables in Savannah and Chatham County, and two on Gwinnett Street.

I am surprised by how many people have told me they could not find the facilities on Gwinnett Street.

Here is exactly how to get there:

Southern Paper Recovery is at 1926 W. Gwinnett St, they take more recycleables than any site I have seen so far.

To get there take Gwinnett Street West, past MLK, past Stiles Ave, as soon as you cross the railroad tracks, make an immediate right into Southern Paper Recovery, and you will see the bins.

For the City Recycling Complex drive West on Gwinnett St., past MLK, pass Stiles Ave, pass the railroad tracks, and turn left on Interchange Dr.

You can drop off your Styrofoam, plastic & paper bags at Publix stores; used motor oil at Jiffy Lube, other used oils at Coastal Refining on Tremont Rd, batteries at Batteries Plus on Hodgson Memorial Dr.

There are many more drop off sites & local businesses taking other items. Being able to easily find our way to resources that we have right now is important.

Local businesses, restaurants, and bars can also recycle right now. There are two local businesses that will pick up glass, paper, cans, metal & plastic. I use one of them for my house. There are also paper recycling companies that will come to your business, shred and recycle your paper. I can see Savannah becoming more of a model city, an example to other cities, larger and smaller, of what is possible.

I look forward to seeing curbside recycling in Savannah, I appreciate what everybody is doing right now, and meanwhile I will continue to recycle and encourage others to do the same.

Eric Wooddell

Thanks for benefit


My name is Irene McCollam and I want to thank Connect and Jim Reed for writing about the benefit that Tammy and Wes from Hang Fire and everyone from Vinnie Van Go-Go’s put on for me Sunday night, Oct. 14.

I was recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and have, of course, been devastated by this news. This has been the hardest time of my life and have struggled to restore some of the normalcy I enjoyed before the diagnosis.

Lucky for me, I have the most amazing friends in the world and every single one of them has been rallying around to pick me back up. I wanted to express my extreme gratitude to them all.

Everyone that showed me support that night turned the worst time in my life into the absolute best time I have ever experienced. These words don’t begin to touch how I really feel toward everyone that has supported me through this rough patch, but I feel I should begin with this letter that most of them will be reading in your wonderful publication.

Thank you Savannah for being a truly beautiful city. Thank you to my wonderful fiance Stephen and my family. Thank you to all the people that don’t know me but have still been so warm and supportive. I am on top of the world with all of your love.

Thank you Connect for printing this letter.

I love you immensely, Tammy. You’re love has healed me.

Irene McCollam