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One for Edwards


My name is Crystal Gesumaria I suffer from anxiety and depression and these are the reasons below why I support John Edwards.

John Edwards wants to put an end to the war in Iraq.

John Edwards wants to end global poverty because it creates the breeding ground for instability and terrorism.

John Edwards wants to endorse the goal of universal basic education by 2015 and commit 3 billion a year to this because it’s enough to enroll 23 million children.

John Edwards wants to restore our civil liberties and strengthen the Constitution.

Education is very important to Edwards he grew up in a small rural town his family didn’t have a lot of money. His parents told him if he worked hard in school he could be anything he wanted to be.

John Edwards wants to prepare every child to succeed, invest in excellent teachers, radically overhaul No Child Left Behind, create more successful schools and expand college opportunity

Fighting to end poverty is one of his biggest campaign issues. John Edwards is the only candidate out there who seems to think poverty is an important issure. He wants to raise the minimum wage to 9.50 an hour and he wants to keep rasing it every year.

John Edwards wants to create 1 million affordable housing vouchers over five years to help low-income families move to a better neighborhood.

John Edwards says that there is two Americas, one that lives by the paycheck calendar and another that never has to look at the calendar before writing a check. One America that’s afraid it won’t be able to leave its children a better life, another whose children are already set for life.

He wants everyone to have an equal chance to suceed. He wants to break down the barriers that seprate people with disabilities from opportunity at school, at work and at home.

He wants to eliminate poverty in america within 30 years and he has detailed blueprints of how to do it all.

John Edwards will help families save, cut taxes for middle class families, protect pensions and lift millions out of poverty.

Crystal Gesumaria

One for McCain


Georgia Republicans have a rare opportunity to right a past wrong on February 5th by voting for John McCain. McCain was wrongly vilified during the 2000 campaign, lost an election he should have won, and has since emerged as the most honest man in Washington. He deserves the respect (and the vote), of Georgia’s GOP on the 5th!

Jeff Robertson

One for Obama


The Bush family and the Clinton family have been in power since 1988. They are both responsible for where we are today as a nation.

Now the world and America have changed and we must have change we can believe in to keep up. Obama is the face of change and I think Obama will win.

Jared Langerman

One for common sense


In spite of polls indicating issues vital to everyone i.e.(the economy, health insurance, social security, medicare, war in Iraq).The voting public will refuse to transcend race, religion, and gender in chosing candidates in the coming 2008 election..

Addinq to the fire are self interest groups, big business, the military complex and outright prejudice.

Unless we the people choose government composed of executive, legislative and judicial leaders, we are in for a volatile, disastrous decade to come!

Sal Miceli

Obama’s not a Muslim


It is disheartening that messages of fear and hate are beginning to spread in our country as the election year gets underway, as I’d prefer to think that America is about truth, freedom, love, and hope. Today I received an email forward about Barack Obama, which attempted to smear a man who happens to have relatives that are Muslim or as a child briefly attended a Muslim school while living in another country (and of course we know all Muslims are evil ).

It also in bold and capitals included his middle name “Hussein,” just as a recent article in Connect described would likely happen. Whatever you think of Obama’s politics, it is unfair to degrade him this way. He is not a terrorist. The terrorist is the person who wrote the email to make others fear and propagate it.

It is interesting to me that the email says that has checked the accusations against Barack Obama as facts, when actually refutes most of them.

Do we want hate and fear ruling our country? Not me.

Jody Schiesser

Locos fallout


You’ve done it now. Done gone and pissed off the man. Better make sure your news boxes are all legally placed or you’ll be hauled in front of City Council.

D. Rogers

Loco about column


Regarding “How Savannah drove me Loco,” by Jon Kolko:


Jeff Beasley

Not loco about column


Regarding “How Savannah drove me Loco,” by Jon Kolko:

The writer of this article should grow up if he expects Savannah to change for him.

Brent A. Hardin

Thanks for the article


I’d like to thank you for the great article you printed about the Art of the EWI and my performance at Jazz’d Tapas Bar on December 21. Jim Reed is a wonderful writer/interviewer and I loved the article.

Thank you for promoting jazz in Savannah and I like forward to being in your fine publication in the future.

Bernie Kenerson