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1 out of 2 kids agree: Toothpaste tasted bad


Please be more careful when publishing items from “Toothpaste For Dinner.” The Fun Fact on page nine of your Feb. 27-March 4 was not very appropriate. While your publication is not intended for children, it is offered free to the public in lots of locations where children are present. While the reference to medication use by children was intended as a joke for an adult audience, it could send a wrong message to a child.

After seeing a chain email demanding withdrawal of your publication, I did my own test. While having coffee and hot chocolate with my children at a local bookstore, I picked up a free copy and asked my 8 and 9 year-old sons to read the cartoon.

The 8-year-old expressed concern about the message to children that more medication was a good thing and that a child could be injured. My 9-year-old read it and immediately said this is a joke, I don’t think anyone would take that advice.

My concern would be if even one child took extra medication based on this cartoon. Thanks for keeping us informed about Savannah events, but please use more caution.

Keith Higgins

Telfair tradition farewell


It’s a sad moment when one embarks on a personal Sunday afternoon tradition of visiting the Telfair Museum of Art in Savannah only to be foiled by Chatham County’s pulling the rug out from under the grant that allows free entrance for county residents to this illustrious, genteel museum.

I don’t know how long the free entrance grant has been in place, but certainly longer than my twenty year residence in this beautiful city. Indeed, I can remember when all visitors to the museum were welcome on Sunday afternoons, but that was modified a few years back to limit the free entrance to Chatham County residents only, which was startling enough!

Today, all dressed up and ready to take in the Christopher Murphy Exhibit, I found myself in deep dismay at such a turn of events, the news of which was apparently issued just this past Friday.

The gentle soul behind the counter who delivered the heavy sentence of the loss of the grant was sympathetic, recalling how it was something of a tradition years ago for the young to come to the Telfair of a Sunday afternoon with a bag of jelly beans and watch life go by under the rotunda.

She and I both looked at each other as if to say, “What was this?” But alas, she was powerless to help and I, on principle and in the name of tradition, refused to shell forth monetary recompense, and so I turned on my heels and sadly, bid my long and now lost tradition of Telfair Sundays farewell.

Name Withheld by Request

Teachers are at risk


Re: “Zero tolerance?” by Linda Sickler:

Excellent story on the schools. It is refreshing to see a district talk tough, now lets hope it is not just talk. Like the principal in your story, teachers are being hurt and bullied and it might sound like something that never happens but it does.

In a five year period 1.3 million teachers were victims of non-fatal attacks in school. This spring I have a new book coming out on students and parents bullying teachers and administrators. It is titled Attacking our Educators. The book looks at why, how, where, and what contributes to this issue. It has over 80 solutions addressing school and teacher safety.

Lack of trust for educators is one of the contributing factors along with lack of parenting skills, not holding students accountable for their actions, lack of administrator support and lack of teacher training. If you do any follow up stories I would be glad to help contribute to it. T

Derek Randel

Rancho Alegre will do fine


Thank you for highlighting a mom-and-pop restaurant like Rancho Alegre. I think it’s a good restaurant if you want to try something interesting. The service is good, the menu has a lot of choices, etc. but I’ve been there twice so far and it is obvious that a Cuban is not leading the kitchen.

How can I explain this —- it’s like a California chef trying his hand at soul food. He may get some good recipes, but he may not know what to taste for, and so he may modify to make it healthier.

The “Vaca Frita” is supposed to be fried cow — direct translation — skirt steak boiled, shredded, marinated, and then fried. It’s the dish I use to compare Cuban resaurants, and you know when the kitchen isn’t led by a Cuban when it’s not fried, it’s grilled.

In conclusion - it’s a good place to try something interesting, but I would not be able to take my grandmother there, and this restaurant would not be able to survive in Miami.

Is it the best I’ve got when I don’t want to spend two days boiling, shredding, marinading, and frying skirt steak? Yes.

Gelcys Nielsen

Verbal issues


I am writing to encourage people in this city to refrain from using the phrase “we should get together sometime.” I think I should also add, “we should grab a drink sometime” and “we should hang out sometime.”

I have lived in this city for about two years and have to say professionally and socially that I have heard these phrases uttered to myself and others, only to find out that I am not the only one with no follow-up. Now I have hit these people back for their offers and fortunately I have found a few aquaintances that I can socialize with, but I cannot figure out why the level of fakeness exisists in this city.

Someone told me it is the “old money” in this city. The city is OK, but the people make the place in my opinion. I am not sure why so many people downtown at clubs and bars have to be so fake. This is not Entourage or Sex and the City, far from it.

Lighten up and don’t take yourselves so seriously. And if you are going to suggest lunch, or drinks... the first meal or beverage is on me.

If you do choose to use any of the phrases, have the courtesy to actually respond to someone taking you up on it, or follow-up on your own offer, the world will be a better place. Above all just be nice.

Harvie Dent

Lover of the weird


In response to Sam Wannaker’s recent letter:

Kudos for wanting increased coverage of Savannah. However, Mr. Morekis, eliminate News Of The Weird at your peril.

‘some weirdo’