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Peace out


In response to Musa Burr’s letter: Who is the “guilty man” to hang? It seems Musa is ready to incite change and more power to Musa. The ability for people to incite change is a basic tenet of our democratic system.

The power going out was not a good target of Musa’s rage against our current system. People used to revolt against things that made a difference, many times beteween life and death: unsafe working conditions, unsanitary living conditions, lack of staples or wages too low to buy the staples.

To revolt against one night without power in a country that has one of the highest standards of living is completely misdirected, and understandably did not garner any support besides drunken “get ‘ems.”

Frank Blackston

Obama’s Wright!


Before we witness anymore hysteria on the Obama-Rev. Wright flap, there are other facts to consider:

First, according to the March 24 Newwseek, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright is no longer Obama’s minister. After a year-long period of transition, the Rev. Otis Moss III became the pastor last month. The Obama campaign has also announced that Rev. Wright will no longer serve the campaign in any capacity.

Along with building Trinity Church from a small congregation to one where some 8,000 people worship every Sunday, Rev. Wright has done other things as well.

In the 1970s, when his United Church of Christ decided to ordain gays and lesbians, Wright started a singles group for gays and lesbians. He also began one of the first AIDS ministries there as well.

It is a neighborhood where some 20 percent of the residents are on welfare, and an equal number are unemployed.

As for his intemperate remarks on the U.S., Abraham Lincoln said basically the same thing, in a more polite manner:

“Indeed, I tremble for my country when I recall that God is just.”

Having lived in both the North and the South as a Navy wife, I know that racism is as prevalent there as here. Perhaps moreso, since there has been no campaign to eradicate it, as has happened in the South.

From past experiences with different congregations I also know that intemperate language is not unusual in some of them. However, I believe that is gradually changing, as seems to be the case at Trinity.

I am more interested in what a candidate says or does rather than the words of a former minister. The fact that Obama is the only leading candidate to vote against the war the president’s own father, a WWII combat veteran, warned us against in his memoirs means more to me than any theology.

Margaret W. DeBolt

Editor’s Note: As a clarification, Barack Obama did not actually vote against the Iraq War, because he was not yet in the U.S. Senate when war authorization was approved in 2002.

Remembering Gernatt’s


Do you have any articles or information on the old Gernatt’s Creamery on 41st and Montgomery Streets? Is there anyone making their ice cream or have a special recipe they would share to the Savannah folks that may remember this wonderful Ice Cream Shop?

Adele Gernatt

Editor’s Note: Adele is one of the daughters of the family that started this one-time Savannah institution. If any readers readers have memories they’d like to share, e-mail us at

Where’s Stewart?


I am a huge Stewart Copeland fan and used to live in Georgia, but did not get to attend this great event in the Savannah Music Festival.

Are you going to publish an article or follow-up on the highlights of the event with Stewart, his piece, the orchestra, etc.?

Julie Pixler

Editor’s Note: Jim Reed’s review is now up at, along with other reviews of Savannah Music Festival concerts.