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Democracy Now!


I would like to suggest that your paper begin to carry the syndicated weekly news column of Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!, a national, daily, independent news program.

If you aren’t familiar with Democracy Now! go to and listen/watch the radio news hour that Amy Goodman hosts with Juan Gonzalez. This is where I’ve been catching it for weeks.

Their radio program is carried on over 700 public and university radio stations nationwide and has won numerous awards for journalism. They bring to the public otherwise censored or ignored stories and points of view which we desperately need in these times of war and crisis.

Now, she has a syndicated newspaper column, and you can get it from King Features. You can see a sample on the Democracy Now! site.

It’s unfortunate that Savannah public radio does not as yet carry the news hour, but I’m going to try to encourage it to do so, in the public interest. Anyone else who feels the same way should also contact the WSVH station.

I really hope this paper will show the way forward by running Goodman’s column. We all enjoy the cultural articles, but we are now suffering a desperate need for independent reporting on national and international news in the Savannah area. It would round out the paper’s coverage immensely and add to its worth.

Adam Curtiz

Pining for Woody


With the annual shoveling of big budget Hollywood crap being thrown at us over the subsequent months to follow, having received ample ink play on the pages of your paper (summer preview, hot and heavy) how could you not even mention the latest offering from one of the most prolific filmmakers of our time? Granted his films of late may not have been up to par. With two of the last three being new versions of older themes without the jokes. But at any rate the merit of his past films warrants at least a few lines of ink. Rumor has it, with this latest contribution being received well at its Cannes premiere, that the little neurotic Jew with the thick-rimmed glasses is back in form and the jokes have made a triumphant return. Plus with a new film, an all out comedy shot in New York starring Larry David no less, on slate for a 2009 release this may mark the beginning of his final hoorah. Yes I am talking about Woody Allen and his new film Vicky Christina Barcelona (August 29th). And yes it deserves a review.

Patty O’Hayes

Kokopelli memories


It’s a sad day for Savannah when a venue as classy as Kokopelli’s closes. Savannah deserves the singular elegance of the venue, the memorable quality of the music featured, and the warmth of the hospitality that was enjoyed.

Eldon Kennedy

Groomed for success


We at Barka Barkstar Pet Salon wanted to send you a sincere thanks for mentioning us as Runner Up for Best Grooming in the 2008 issue. However, you misspelled our name. We are most honored by this achievement since we have only been open a few months. We really are the Best in Savannah but you will know that next year!

Rene Herrin

Barka Barkstar

Disappointment by design


I was disappointed to see no recognition for Best Web Design/Development (or Best New Web Design/Development Firm), or Print Design for that matter in you 2008 Best of Savannah list.

Chris Underwood