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Bicycling wisdom


I enjoyed the piece on the Melaver firm and their experiences riding bikes downtown (July 2). I also live and work downtown and very often walk or ride my bike.

A few comments that readers should be mindful of, if they too take to the streets with bicycles:

Yes, drivers in cars should take notice of everything going on around them - signs, pedestrians, bikes, other cars - but you can help them by not being where you oughtn’t. Bikes should not be on sidewalks or in crosswalks (unless you are dismounted and walking your bike). You are a vehicle and those areas are reserved for foot traffic.

I have been in a car when a bike has shot out from a square into the crosswalk, without stopping or looking. Cars cannot be expected to see through bushes and predict a bike where it isn’t supposed to be (there is a $150 fine for riding your bike in the square but I have yet to hear of anyone ever enforcing that).

Additionally, since you are a vehicle, you still have to abide by the rules of the road - stop at stop signs and lights - and don’t drive the opposite direction on a one way street.

It’s true, many cars don’t share the road as well as they might, so it’s best to remain on the right as much as possible to allow faster traffic to pass. I’ve had the experience of seeing a parked car open its door nearly into me and it wasn’t fun. But now I watch for signs, like a head in the driver’s seat or brake lights on.

There should be more cyclists out there. It is a great way to get around town, and after the cost of the bike, it’s free! Parking is a breeze (which is also free).

If we bike more often and make sure cars can predict where we are, Savannah will be even more of a bike-friendly town.

Meaghan Walsh

Regina on oil


Regarding your recent interview with Regina Thomas:

Opposing John Barrow for the chance to be top Democrat in the 12th is all well and good, but why did you let her dodge the questions about oil? OK, so she doesn’t want to drill in ANWR; so, then what is her big solution?

Even if she had said something about alternative fuel, at least it would have been something. Ms. Thomas is going to have to give the people more than the usual conspiratorial nonsense to explain lack of action IF she gets elected. We have enough of those folks in Washington already.

J. Stevens

Help Jason & Dave


My name is John Collenberger, drummer for Surt {the destroyer}. I have set up a website at to take donations for my band mates, Jason Statts and Dave Williams, who were shot Saturday, June 28th. They both continue to recover, but will have a long and painful road ahead of them. Jason has been moved to the Shepherd Center ( in Atlanta for rehabilitation. Dave Williams remains in Intensive Care at Memorial hospital.

The website contains links to Lyra’s myspace page:, and Dave’s sister Kat’s page:, who are both keeping friends and family updated with their conditions.

All money is going to their medical bills. Jason’s wife will have to commute and Dave was uninsured at the time of the attack. Currently the entire music community is coming together, trying to organize benefit concerts and other events for their friends. Some local businesses are getting on board as well, allowing us to place donation jars at their establishments. I will keep the site updated with this information as best I can.

John Collenberger