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Crack research


In response to Nadra Enzi’s recent letter (Crack: Still Wack, July 23-29 issue), I thought it would interest him and your readers to know that considerable evidence suggests crack cocaine was introduced into Los Angeles by the CIA in 1982 as a way of funding the Nicaraguan contras. Though this has often been dismissed as urban myth, or conspiracy theory, it is actually documented fact.

The story was broken by Gary Webb, a reporter for the San Jose Mercury News, in a long investigative piece entitled “Dark Alliance,” which appeared in 1996. Obviously, this was an explosive disclosure, and met with more than a little skepticism, and outright resistance. Mr. Webb later wrote:

Once Dark Alliance became the talk of the Internet... talk radio adopted the story and ran with it. For the next two months, I did more than one hundred radio interviews, in which I was asked to sum up what the three-day-long series said in its many thousands of words. Well, I would reply, it said a lot of things. Take your pick. Usually, the questions focused on the CIA’s role, and whether I was suggesting a giant CIA conspiracy. We didn’t know the CIA’s exact role yet, I would say, but we have documents and court testimony showing CIA agents were meeting with these drug traffickers to discuss drug sales and weapons trafficking. And so, figure it out. Did the CIA know or not? The response would come back — ‘So, you’re saying that the CIA targeted black neighborhoods for crack sales? Where’s your evidence of that?’ And it would go on and on.”

(Quoted in Into the Buzzsaw: Leading Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press, 2004, Prometheus Books.)

Kevin Gavin

Oil’s fair in politics


U.S. Senators Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., and Johnny Isakson, R-Ga. Your brothers and sisters in the House is fighting hard to do the right thing for the American people and this Gang of 10 has decided to cave in to the Democrats when it comes to the ONE issue that has place life back into the GOP going into this election. Yes I live in the Northeast in the land of Liberalism however I’m also in a region that has possibility some of the largest Natural Gas reserves within the ground and in the Great lakes. Canada is drilling on their side of the lake, so why not America? Even in New York State we have our own Appalachia that could benefit from domestic drilling however this state is run by the special interests of New York City. I know you’re in a “safe seat” however there are GOP House and Senate races in places where this issue can be a winner. I don’t believe the hype of this being a “Democrat Year” and with the issue of drilling, be willing to stand your ground and !

fight for someone like myself than caving in to the New York Times Editorial Crowd.

Jibreel Riley

WSAV’s choke job


Three cheers to WSAV for completely ruining the 4x100m Men’s Relay on Sunday night. Their constant switching of HD and non-HD feeds produced double audio — one set three seconds ahead of the video, the other in sync. This produced a spoiler effect for the finale, with the audio of the win coming over the TV faster than the video. When it is time to shine, the athletes came through while the local NBC station choked. What a waste.

Robert Yarbrough

Not a big fan of white space


Don’t take this as an insult but as a friendly elbow to the rib from one in the print industry to another:

In your editorial this week you lamented the loss of an inch of the paper due to the economy, yet the large, empty layout above your essay was a whopping inch and a quarter tall by six wide (excluding your header) — and completely vacant of anything informational.

Premium ad space in this industry, no? This vast expanse was literally a third of your alotted editoral space. I sure could think of a lot more to say about Savannah -or the world- in that box.

A recipe. A tiny ad for a midget stripper... something. Anything.

Not to mention the rather large borders you guys keep around your layout. I understand bleed edge and the inprecision of some printing, but I’ve never seen an issue of Connect off register by an 8th, let alone a halfinch.

Travis Pitts