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Step right up! Check out the lovely Sarah Palin!


Sarah Palin shows her pretty teeth and shakes her cute evangelical behind while McCain’s campaign ads mirror a carnival barker shouting empty slogans to get the fools into the circus tent and waste their vote and money for another four years.

Obama is not giving the warning necessary to save the poor bumpkins at the mercy of the corporate media’s schmoozing this reelection towards the looniest, greediest gang of war making dogs ever passed off as concerned leaders in the history of this nation.

It may just take another four more years of suffering to get people to the point where they’re finally angry enough to make Marie Antoinette’s head eat cake without her body attached.

A political revolution may yet be had with the election of Barack Obama if everybody urges him to wake up and read the realistic take on life on that replaces the liberal fascism conjured up by the conservative castrate, George Bush, and is currently peddled by his cancer-prone surrogate, John McCain, and his lovely assistant, Sarah Palin, who is about as qualified to be president as Cindy McCain.

Mrs. Ruth and Dr. Peter V. Calabria

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I very much appreciate your comment in your recent Editor’s Note about the shooting of wolves from helicopters.

What I find particularly offensive about Ms. Palin is her blatant hypocrisy. She calls herself pro-life, yet she kills defenseless animals for fun (as in all the moose she’s happily bagged).

The sanctity of life extends to animals as well.

Jolee Edmondson