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Utilities have lawyers, why not us?


The budget crisis is difficult but Georgia does not need to cut the only attorneys that represent consumers in electric and natural gas cases at the Public Service Commission. Everyone is focusing on gasoline, but don’t forget natural gas prices.

Consumers Utility Counsel are the only lawyers for consumers in electric and gas cases at the PSC. The CUC is being eliminated and I want Governor Perdue to do something to save our representation!

Georgia Power Corporation and Atlanta Gas and Light Corporation have lawyers fighting for them! I’m a member of AARP and I want our members, and others concerned about gas and electric prices, to call Governor Perdue at (404) 656-1776 and our legislators and ask them to save the CUC! Without them, who will fight for our rights?

Charlene Deutsch

Everybody chill


I got this from Lauren in Paris, who got this from The Reader’s Cove, a bookstore in Fort Collins, Colorado. This is a good reminder for me, and I want to pass it on:

“We would like to pass along this email reminder to you to point out that everything is going to be okay.

“Throughout our history, we, as Americans, have faced and overcome adversity and crisis no matter the demands placed upon us. We have risen to each challenge with courage and integrity. In the current climate of “the sky is falling” and “must act now” mentality, it is easy to forget our heritage and we at the Cove would like to remind you that we can and will succeed.

“We encourage you to take a moment to reflect on all we have; adequate food supplies, clean water, shelter, friends, family and the rights of a free person. We live in the most amazing of times. Technology has allowed us to reach further than most ever dreamed. We are the leaders of the world, and this is one of those times when we need to show the world why.

“We encourage you to shut out the chatter and panic; take a walk, call a friend just to talk, read a book or spend time with your family. Tell a joke, bake some cookies or just sit in the quiet of sunset.

“Tomorrow, we will all still rise, put on clothes and face the day. Promise.

“We encourage you to pass along a message of calm (this one or one of your own) to remind your family and friends that we are all going to be okay.

“With our sincerest wish of calm, peace and hope to you and yours.”

Eric Wooddell

Vote the bums out


Who in America is looking forward to the 2008 - 09 election? Regardless of age, political affiliation, health, race, gender or social status, no one in the USA is exempt.

Take your pick of any of the following shortcomings. Inflation, unemployment, home foreclosure, bankruptcy, education and health care they are all included.

Politicians of all ilks are comparatively not affected by any or all of the above.

The answer seems simple enough. We the people have allowed our political system to run amok. One man/woman - one vote has been replaced by the electoral system, delegates, super delegates and is dependent on consultants to do their job for them.

We must overcome our herd mentality, our prejudices, our greed and vote the incumbents out regardless of party affiliation. Only in this way can the survival of our country and the rest of the world be restored.

Sol Mitchell

Go green, y’all


We are all working together to help stop global warming by trying to get the word out about Our website gives the world a terrific opportunity to get inspired, learn, and take action on thousands of ways to help save our planet from climate change.

Go Green Tube removes one pound of Co2 from the air for every one video our users watch.

Mike Shell,

CEO, Go Green Tube LLC