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Correcting 'false claims'


I am writing in response to the article “Pregnant? Worried?” which made several false claims regarding the work of the Pregnancy Care Center of Rincon and other crisis centers alike.

The Pregnancy Care Center of Rincon has been caring for women and families in our community for almost eight years. Our center is a member of Care-Net, a national affiliation network of pregnancy centers, and as an affiliate, is committed to upholding strict standards of care. As part of this network, we comply with strict guidelines regarding truthful advertising. All of our yellow page ads, website information, and other means of advertising clearly state the services we offer.

We are committed to providing our clients who seek information about abortion risks with an accurate interpretation of the data on connections between abortion and health risks. All client material on abortion procedures and abortion risks have been reviewed by a medical professional and deemed medically accurate.

The Pregnancy Care Center of Rincon makes available tools that empower women to make informed decisions. After visiting our center, women know that whatever decision they make about their pregnancies, they are welcome to come back to our center. Our support and care for them is unconditional.

The center also offers ongoing support for women who choose to continue their pregnancies. Material items are available such as maternity clothes, baby clothes, and other baby items. This is so that we can build relationships with these women and help meet some of their most basic needs. The center makes available community referrals which help women to receive medical care, food, education, and professional counseling if necessary.

We are committed to serving all clients with the care and integrity they deserve. In no way do we seek to be deceitful, intimidating, or harassing. On the contrary, our hope is to be as open and honest with each woman who walks into the center. Facing an unplanned pregnancy is a difficult time in a woman’s life and her choice is nothing less than life-changing.

Laura Devisscher

New rules


A quick fix for our economic problems is like giving aspirin to a person with chronic migraines without determining the real cause. This is exactly what our government had done and continues to do with all the bailout packages.

After reading and listening to many ideas, the deep thinker in me decided to share with you a solid, long-term but guaranteed solution to our economic crises:

1. Media must report the news accurately, however it is not their job to create panic.

2. Our president-elect must instill confidence first in investors, corporations, and businesses by promising to lower income taxes, to eliminate capital gains and inheritance taxes. If Obama tries to instill confidence in “Main Street” first, that’s fruitless because Main Street depends directly on Wall Street and businesses.

Eliminating capital gains taxes will encourage investment in mortgage-backed securities which leads to lending institutions wanting to lend money to people and businesses.

Eliminating the inheritance tax encourages wealthy folks with inheritances to invest assets here rather than in other countries or continents.

Lowering the income taxes will enable corporations and businesses become again profitable, which leads to a rise in the employment.

3. Stop corruption in government. No more accepting money from institutions (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Acorn, etc.) to push their agendas.

4. And finally...what we, the people must do! We’ll all have the opportunity to learn the hard way valuable lessons of responsibility, accountability, efficiency, and competence. I am convinced that many already have those traits, unfortunately there weren’t enough!

We all want CHANGE, and this is the change our economy needs so that we, as a nation, can claim again the status in the world we once had. We need patience, hard work, humility, and the smarts to realize that when we expect our government to do everything for us, it will be the government that will take everything from us!

Carmen Alexe

Spare the spoon


Tonight I was in TJ Maxx to purchase a shirt and I saw about four young kids between the ages of 5-9 laughing, jumping, and well, being kids. A woman who I believe to be their grandmother took out a wooden spoon and began hitting them with the spoon.

The kids stopped for a minute or so, but then continued with their behavior. The woman went over to them again and hit them harder with the spoon.

I told the manager I did not think it was appropriate for this to be permitted in her store. The manager ignored me. The kids resumed their playful behavior.

You would think at this point the woman would have realized that the spoon routine was not effective. Wrong. One more, a third time now, she took the spoon to the kids and yelled at them for their behavior.

I have to stop here and say, my mom took a wooden spoon to me before, but it got to the point where tangible things taken away from me were more effective (video games, trips to the movies, etc.). I wasn’t a perfect child, and my mother wasn’t a perfect disciplinarian, but she had control over her kids.

This woman lost control, and her kids were smarter than her to pick up on it. I’d never dictate to someone how to raise their kids as I do not have any. I will say how you discipline your kids in public says a lot about your character and the future for those kids.

Lastly, kids just don’t belong in clothing stores. Take them to toy stores, book stores, grocery stores yes, but not clothing stores. Kids have a lot of energy. These kids were doing nothing other than letting their energy out for having to be trapped in a clothing store.

I also realize kids need to learn self control for their behavior. I don’t see that happening in this case since the woman had no control over her frustration. For all I know this woman could be the only provider for these kids, and she’s doing the best she can on her own. I think getting some help from someone would be a wise choice at this point.

Harvey Dent

Patriot games


Regarding your latest column:

You took your flag down because you think the invasion of Iraq was wrong, and that it tarnished the memory of your father. Because you disagree with the president, and what was done is no reason for you to take your flag down.

To tell you the truth, it is a disgrace to the troops that serve and have served under that flag, like spitting in our faces, and also the face of the rest of the nation. I served 14 1/2 years and am medically retired. I also disagree with our actions as a country sometimes, but calling our going to war a disgrace to our flag is just plain wrong.

Gary Mountjoy