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City Council is same old song


Regarding Linda Sickler’s “A crying shame,” about the last City Council meeting:

Several things occurred during the meeting Dec. 18, 2008. The main thing is that the citizens of Savannah were witness to the same old song!

A mayor who promised that after he got re-elected he would work for us and unite all of us in forging towards the future in this great city, instead acted like an irresponsible spoiled child and stated that he would ignore the budget concerns of the citizenry and that we, the citizens of Savannah, could not limit him from spending as much money as he wanted. Fortunately, I’ve seen through his promises before and I wasn’t one of the sheep that voted for him.

However, unfortunately, I did vote for Alderwoman Jackson. She seems to associate good stewardship of the people and resources of the city with her desire for fame and prestige and her desire to travel to distant lands. Both she and the mayor have an attitude that they are beyond the law. I think that they’ve been taking lessons from the Bush administration.

Aldermen Johnson, Tony Thomas, Jeff Felser, and Larry Stuber are correct and definitely show their concern for the City of Savannah, their stewardship of the people’s money, and their obligations towards public service when they state and desire for the city to have a travel policy in place.

Just don’t attempt to explain this to Otis and Edna; it’s beyond their comprehension and their desire to serve the people of Savannah.

Robert Triplett

Save Jekyll Island


Thank you for publishing Ms. Kronquest’s expose of the Jekyll Island Authority’s shenanigans — giving away the people’s island to the politically-connected developer Mercer Reynolds.

All Georgians should be outraged. This is not a partisan issue.

Look at Senator Ed Boshears, who is a Republican, and was kicked off the Jekyll Island Authority board by fellow Republican Sonny Perdue. He was booted because he refused to rubber stamp the corrupt contract that was a rotten deal for the citizens of this state.

At the last Jekyll Island Authority board meeting, I overheard someone in the audience say, “Senator Jeff Chapman is an honest statesman that happens to wear a Republican label. He may be the best we have serving in state government.”

I agree.

In 1947, the title to Jekyll Island transferred to the state of Georgia. It is owned by all of us. In 1950, the founding charter of governance was established. The Jekyll Island State Park Authority Act calls for: “The operation of the public facilities of the park at rates so moderate that all the ordinary citizens of the state may enjoy them.”

How many ordinary citizens do you think will be able to enjoy the new 3-4 bedroom cottages at $990,000 a pop? Do the $750,000 condos strike you as moderately priced? The executive director of Jekyll Island Authority, C. Jones Hooks, boasts the average rental rates are soon to be elevated to $380 per night.

This contract was engineered to be owned by Linger Longer Communities — the politically powerful Reynolds family. The bidding process cannot stand the light of day, hence, the deceit, secrecy and unanswered questions.

We Georgians should not suffer such shenanigans. We need to demand a fair bidding process. We must not settle for anything less than transparency when the reputation and property of our Georgia is at stake.

It is outrageous that the ordinary citizens of this state been duped, and that the state senator who represents the district of Jekyll Island has been lied to. Sadly, even the Legislative Oversight Committee is a co-conspirator.

We need to throw the whole greedy lot of them out and put an end to this exploitation of public property for private profit.

Roy Lynch

Not a Matt Brunson fan


I am convinced that your film critic lives a miserable life. His reviews thrive on negativity and unfair criticism. He must not be able to understand what exactly these filmmakers are trying to convey on screen. Sometimes it takes a bit of intelligence and imagination.

I have lost all respect for the film reviews in your newspaper (as have most of my friends) and will no longer read that section.