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Shark facts


Just a couple of corrections to the quoted material from me in the recent Connect Savannah issue lead story “Deep Focus,” by Linda Sickler:

There are over 300 species of sharks worldwide. Only 57 are known from the western north Atlantic coast, only about 30 species are likely to be found in on the continental shelf of the Georgia coast and only about a dozen likely to be found inshore in the sounds and tidal rivers here.

Humans are not the normal prey of any shark species and only a few species prefer or are capable of taking large prey.

The article was very well done - I enjoyed it. Rob Stewart deserves a lot of credit. He is passionate environmentalist and film maker. It was evident at the screening. He really connected with the youngsters — and everyone.

Matthew R. Gilligan, Ph.D.Professor, CoordinatorMarine SciencesSavannah State University

Thanks from SCAD Radio


I just wanted to thank you and especially Jim Reed for the wonderful story on SCAD Radio that you recently published (“The wildest radio station in Savannah”).

We are always looking for ways to make more of a presence in the community and Jim’s story put SCAD Radio on the radar for a lot of potential listeners in Savannah. We pride ourselves in providing programming you won’t hear anywhere else in Savannah and you guys highlighted some of the best we have to offer.

Again, thank you so much for your support!

Stephanie AdamoSCAD Radio General Manager

Here’s to USCB


One local, historic institution was overlooked in Connect Savannah’s recent college issue.

The University of South Carolina Beaufort is yet another potential destination for Savannah residents seeking educational advancement. Founded in 1795, the university now has a South Campus in nearby Bluffton, fully-accredited baccalaureate programs and on-campus housing.

Enrollment has jumped 50 percent since 2002, 4-year degree programs have doubled and this year USCB was accepted to the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics.

In yet another step forward, the university recently announced that engineering students maintaining a 3.0 their first two years at USCB are guaranteed transfer to Georgia Tech Savannah.

The quick, scenic commutes to Bluffton or Beaufort and in-state tuition rates offered for Chatham and Effingham County residents makes USCB yet another destination for Savannah residents to consider in pursuit of higher education.

Michael Edenfield


In the recent article by Jeff Brochu on Pizza Rustica, we said Dan Marino’s partner is Bob Cruz. It’s not — that would be Bob Curley.

Also, the photo credit for Robin Wright Gunn’s story on college media in our recent College Issue should go to Angela Mensing, editor-in-chief of the AASU Inkwell.