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Great theatre snark


Regarding Linda Sickler’s “Native Son”:

I agree with Mary Ann Goldman, there hasn’t been consistent community theatre in Savannah for years now. 

Unless of course you count The Cultural Arts Theatre, owned by the city which D.J. Queenan has successfully run for the past 2 years. 

Oh, and there’s The Savannah Children’s Theatre (with which the new Savannah Community Theatre shares a space) who offer plenty of production opportunities for children (as well as a good number for adults) every year. 

And then there’s The Savannah Actor’s Theatre, which has not only created a new voice for theatre in Savannah in the past year but has always been generous in working with outsiders to come and produce shows in their theater. And they just announced their new season with twelve productions. 

But apparently that’s not consistent enough. Now I’m always relieved when there’s a new opportunity for theatre in Savannah. And I believe all theaters should support each other, unlike some whose hope is to see them rip each other apart. 

But I get slightly confused when someone says in so many words that a new theatre such as The New Savannah Community Theatre is bringing community theatre back to Savannah. Has it not been around the past few years?

Janson Lalich


Nip nukes in the bud


In her series about the planned nuclear power revival in Georgia, Kathleen Graham did not point out a key flaw in the argument for more reactors.

Nuclear power supporters claim the technology doesn’t contribute to global warming. They fail to mention that greenhouse gases are produced at each step in the nuclear fuel cycle. When taken together with the cycle’s other environmental impacts plus those of the reactors, there’s no way nuclear power can be called environmentally friendly.

We can take steps now to nip this nuclear revival in the bud. According to the Georgia Public Service Commission’s secretary, the PSC will rule on Plant Vogtle’s Early Site Permit on July 12. Write, call or fax commissioners and urge them to deny the permit.

Second, use electricity more efficiently. We can at least change our light bulbs to compact fluorescents, and even then a few at a time. If we all do what we can, there will be no need for more nuclear power.

We have been threatened by, and had our money wasted on, nuclear energy long enough. Let’s change direction and chart a new course for our energy future while we still have time.

Jody Lanier


Thanks, Tom


Please give a “job well done” to Tom  Parrish for his splendid column “Bowled Over.” Mr. Parrish is an excellent writer and an outstanding individual of sound character and integrity. He is a credit to your news staff. 

Keep the good work up, Tom.  I look forward to reading more of your work in the future.

Randolph Slay


Funky Cold Memory


Jim Reed’s mention of the first Tone Loc appearance in Savannah brought back memories. My wife and I were one of the “100” who bought tickets. My son, who is graduating high school this year, wasn’t even born and we had a teenage babysitter for our then-four-year-old daughter (just graduated from grad-school at UGA last weekend). 

The babysitter couldn’t figure out why these “old” people were going to see a rap singer. She said:  “Do y’all like have to go or something?” 



Happy feet


I saw what you wrote recently in regards to local dance groups. It’s nice that you strive to give equal coverage to all groups.  I have had coverage in the Morning News, but ironically never in Connect. 

 I have a group of very gifted dancers at my school.  The STUDIO is a small school and is focused on training dancers on a pre-professional level. Our summer program brings Kristin Sloan from New York City Ballet. 

I am also a contributor on the website -- you can visit there and click on my picture or go to the list of contributors, to see posts about my students.  The Winger features a roster of ballet dancers from all the major companies like ABT and City Ballet and is a very interesting site that I am proud to be a part of. 

Our Spring Showcase is June 3 at the Lucas. This is not your typical “dance recital” (it’s only about an hour long). You can go onto the Lucas’ website and see a description of the show. 

Veronica Moretti Niebuhr