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What the world needs now is Bush


Regarding your recent column on the departure of George W. Bush: Just thought I’d pass on a few words of enlightenment to you. You are certainly not alone in feeling “I thought the end would never come.”

You seem to be unaware that our enemies, the Muslim nuts, are more relieved than you or your liberal, left-wing nuts that President Bush is gone.

Now! Finally, they can get back to their planning, as they did under “Bill,” to doing a better job of bringing down the Twin Towers. It will be especially great now that we’ve elected a passivist [sic] who will remove the things put into place to disrupt their plans and kill or capture them.

I’m pretty sure we, before too long, will have another disaster. When that time comes will you say to yourself, “Wow! Wish we had George W. back.”

No, knowing you and your peace-loving friends will blame that on Bush, also. After all, George caused global warming and this global economic meltdown.

Oh, and another thought — if you think Jefferson, Adams, Lincoln and FDR weren’t bigger fuck-ups than George, you need to read a few more books. I mean books not written by history-changers.

PS — Why don’t you run a lottery and have people guess what great structure or venue will be hit next. I’m betting the Empire State Building, since they obviously like to go after our greatest landmarks. The winner gets to burn your establishment to the ground. OK?

Wayne Conley

Editor's Note: No, Wayne. Arson is really not OK.

Kill reactors before they kill us


The state General Assembly is considering the “Georgia Nuclear Energy Financing Act” (SB 31) that would let Georgia Power raise our rates to build two new reactors at Plant Vogtle on the Savannah River.

Senators Lester Jackson and Eric Johnson and Chatham County’s House delegation should stand as one and lead the fight to send this bill straight to the legislative scrap heap.

We need to tell them to make like Uma Thurman and kill this bill. The plans of the bill’s sponsors are most disturbing and insidious.

Why should we be forced to help fund Rube Goldberg-esque technology that gulps too much water, leaves behind long-lasting contaminants as waste, increases the risk of terrorism and does not alleviate global warming?

The legislature might as well pass a rate hike with all the money going to Bernard Madoff.

If Georgia Power and similar companies insist more nuclear power is the only answer, then there’s only one appropriate financing plan: a bake sale.

When the utilities have to hold one to buy a nuclear reactor and our schools get all the money they need, it will truly be a great day.

Jody Lanier