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Five months in: Savannah Adapts

THE first graphic I had published in Connect was just a few months back at the beginning of the Coronavirus. The St. Patrick’s Day Parade was canceled and the Mayor and city council met over a virtual conference call to announce business closures and community protocols as we headed into shut down mode.

I hung paper and dedicated nearly all night to creating a graphic showing Savannhians adapting to the changes and our leaders facing the unknown, making some tough calls.

At the time the first graphic was created, there were 287 confirmed cases of Covid in Georgia and 10 deaths. Today we are approaching a quarter of a million cases in the state and lead the nation in Covid cases per capita.

Here is the “Covid-19: Savannah Adapts” graphic updated to reflect what’s going on in month number five, with nods to several Magic Makers in Savannah who continue to guide our citizens, families, and students through this unprecedented time.