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Alderman Tony Thomas reportedly the subject of grand jury
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Reports are surfacing that a Chatham County grand jury will be impaneled to hear charges against Savannah Alderman Tony Thomas.

While allegations and rumors of Thomas's inappropriate relationships with minors have swirled around the alderman for years, no charges have ever been filed and no firm evidence has been uncovered. 

Two ethics complaints against Thomas by constituents who alleged he was threatening them on Facebook were dropped with the past year. 

Other recent developments, however, led Chatham County District Attorney Meg Heap to refer the cases involving potential violations involving minors and drug use to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. 

The grand jury will reportedly hear the case August 22. This is a developing story and it's important to note the grand jury might decide there isn't enough evidence to press charges against Thomas. 

Several of the witnesses on camera in "The Troll Chronicles" are alleged to be part of the current investigation.