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Alderman Van Johnson makes statement on Trump travel ban
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Savannah's First District Alderman Van R. Johnson, widely considered to be mulling a mayoral run in 2019, is the first local politician to make a public statement on President Trump's controversial travel ban involving seven predominantly Muslim nations.

"I believe that President Trump's executive order not only violated the spirit of the US Constitution, but are contrary to the basic principles upon which our great nation was founded. People should be judged by the content of their character and by their actions, not by their religion," said Johnson.

"Savannah,GA, a port City with a history of slavery, early Jewish settlers, Irish and European immigrants, is also the home of thousands of Muslims, who actively and positively contribute to the vitality of our City," he said.

"I urge Mayor DeLoach and my fellow Council members to quickly and publicly denounce the President's unjust and, I believe, unconstitutional ban to send a loud and clear message that Savannah will continue to be the inclusive, tolerant and Hostess City that we say that we are."