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Animal Control, Police expand efforts to collar feral dogpack on the Eastside
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A contingent of feral dogs "with human accomplices has kept Animal Control and Islands Precinct patrol officers busy for more than six months and Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police are expanding their efforts," a department spokesperson says.

Six of the errant dogs "who have enjoyed munching on food in garbage containers and sunning in neighborhood yards have been captured, but their numbers seem to be growing," police say. "Some of the dogs obviously are pregnant, adding to the woes."

“The biggest problem,” said Capt. Charles Hall, commander of Special Operations, which includes Animal Control, “is that the dogs are getting support from people. We have indications that some of our traps have worked, but the dogs have been released before we can get there. They also seem to be feasting on household trash left in lanes.”

The canines seem to roam from the Twickenham neighborhood through Gordonston, Winter Gardens and Victory Manor and down into the Live Oak neighborhoods, police say.

Residents report that the dogs have begun to recognize the sounds of the Animal Control trucks and hide before officers get there.

Hall, who has taken to patrolling the area in his own unmarked car, has seen members of the pack as far as the Truman Parkway.

“In the last three weeks we have focused and concentrated efforts, using patrol officers, Animal Control and even myself,” Hall said. “Fortunately, we’ve received no reports of the dogs being aggressive towards residents but we want to capture them before someone gets hurt. They are not inoculated or domesticated.”

Anyone who sees the dogs are asked to call Metro Animal Control at (912) 525-2408 or the Metro non-emergency number at (912) 652-6500.