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Bike vs. Car at Thursday's 'Dump the Pump'
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Participants riding a car, a bike and a bus will compete for the title of fastest commute downtown during the 7th Annual Dump the Pump Challenge.

It happens Thursday, June 19, and competitors are expected to cross the finish line shortly after 8:15 a.m.

Race departs 12 Oaks Shopping Center with the arrival of the Abercorn 14 bus, scheduled for 8 a.m. Finish line is at Savannah City Hall on Bay Street.

Mayor Edna Jackson will be at the finish line, where she will award the winner with the Dump the Pump Challenge Medal.

Attempting to defend the title and representing cyclists will be Savannah Bicycle Campaign member Jen Colestock, last year’s champion. Chatham Area Transit Chief Development Officer Ramond Robinson will ride the bus.

And City of Savannah Public Information Director Bret Bell, a regular car commuter, will drive the car.

The bicyclist has been the first to make it from midtown to City Hall each of the past six competitions, though the margin of victory has been razor thin — generally just a few minutes separates 1st from 3rd Place.

The competitors must follow all traffic laws. The bus rider gets off at the nearest bus stop to City Hall, while the car driver must park in the nearest garage.

"The Dump the Pump commuter challenge is a fun way to encourage Savannahians to explore their transportation options and remind them that traveling by car isn't always the fastest way to go,” said John Bennett, Executive Director Savannah Bicycle Campaign. “Bicycling and transit are viable alternatives for many people and we hope this event will increase interest in affordable and healthy transportation."

National Dump the Pump Day is an annual event that promotes alternative forms of commuting that are cheaper and cleaner for the environment. The City of Savannah, CAT and the Savannah Bicycle Campaign have organized Savannah’s Dump the Pump Challenge since 2008.