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Chatham County Animal Services director placed on administrative leave after indictment
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Chatham County Animals Services Director Kerry Sirevicius has been put on administrative leave during an investigation "for a personnel matter," the County reports through a spokesperson.

Dr. Charles “Jake” Harper, DMV, the Animal Services veterinarian, has been appointed as interim director until further notice.

Reports surfaced today that a Chatham County Grand Jury indicted Sirevicius for "invasion of privacy" when a conversation between City of Savannah Alderman Van Johnson — who is also employed by Chatham County — and Katherina Suarez was digitally recorded in an office at the Animal Services facility on Sallie Mood Drive.

While as of this writing more details are scant which would put the indictment into better context, Georgia is legally considered a "one-party" state for purposes of recording oral or phone conversations, in other words as long as one party involved in a conversation is aware that conversation is being recorded, it is considered legal.