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Chatham County no longer accepting glass for recycling
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The Chatham County Drop-off Centers including the Resource Conservation Education Center "will no longer accept food and beverage glass for recycling," a Chatham County spokesperson says.

"This change comes about because Pratt Industries, LLC will no longer be accepting glass for recycling. The only other glass recyclers in our region are located in Jacksonville and Atlanta. Because of transportation costs and logistics along with a very low market value for any types of food and beverage glass to offset that cost it was concluded that the only alternative was to discontinue collection of glass at all Chatham County drop-off centers," the spokesperson says.

The Resource Conservation Center
1321 Eisenhower Dr.
Savannah, GA 31406

Wilmington Island Drop-Off Center
7022 Concord Road
Savannah, GA 31410

Sharon Park Drop-Off Center
50 Kelly Hill Road
Garden City, GA 31408

Chevis Road Drop-Off Center
610 Chevis Road
Savannah, GA 31419